Guide To Get Frank In Subway Surfers: How To Unlock It?

Guide To Get Frank In Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers made its debut in 2012, and since then it has emerged as one of the massive endless runner mobile games. It is enjoyed by millions of players worldwide.

The game has undergone a lot of changes in the past several years. Developers have added new features, characters, and events to attract new players to play the game.

In Subway Surfers, players can pick their in-game character, and upgrade them for a better experience. One popular playable character is Frank. He is the first-ever masked character in the game. There are speculations about Frank’s outfit being inspired by the Donnie Darko movie, as both the characters wear rabbit costumes.

To know how to unlock Frank in Subway Surfers you should give this article a read.

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Who Is Frank?

Frank makes a brief appearance in the early episodes of the Subway Surfers series, sporting his default outfit as seen in the game.

From his appearance, it becomes apparent that Frank assumes the role of the primary antagonist in Subway Surfers. His fearless navigation through the train tracks is particularly captivating. 

It is revealed that he possesses a hit list, and Jake’s name is on it. In the 11th episode, Frank receives increased screen time, where he exudes an aura of mystery while carrying his gadget. Accompanied by an eerie soundtrack, his enigmatic presence adds to the intrigue.

How To Get Frank In Subway Surfers?

Like some other Subway Surfers characters, Frank is not free. To access this character, you will need to spend coins. It will cost a total of 40,000 coins to unlock Frank.

He is a playable character and a core member of the Subway Surfers’ crew. He stands out for his rabbit mask and black suit. He is the very first masked character introduced by Subway Surfers. To date, no one has seen his real face. He always carries a suitcase with him. If you check the character page, you will see him exercising and checking time.

Other than his original outfit, Frank has two more outfits: a Tiger outfit and a Clown outfit. Both outfits are the same except for the mask. That’s the only thing that changes. For example, in the clown outfit, he hides his face in the tiger outfit and a clown mask, he wears a tiger mask. In short, his black suit remains constant.

The two outfits are paid for and can be unlocked with keys. For the tiger outfit, you will need 25 keys, while the clown outfit requires 15 keys. To unlock these outfits, you need to first unlock the original character.

Once you have sufficient coins, you can unlock Frank by following these steps:

  • Launch the Subway Surfers game on your phone.
  • Go to the Me tab.
  • Locate Frank in the list.
  • Once you find him, click on him.
  • Now tap the 40,000 coins button.

This will unlock Frank’s character and he will be added to your collection. So this is how you can access Frank and use him as your character.

Frank’s Outfit

Frank appears to be a serious character. He wears a black suit and shoes with a bunny mask. You will see him holding a suitcase in his left hand. Because of his bunny costume, he is often associated with Donnie Darko’s movies.

As mentioned above, Frank has two outfit variants besides his original outfit. Both the tiger and the clown outfits consist of black shoes and suits. The only different thing is the mask.

The clown outfit was added during the New Orlando world tour event. When wearing the clown outfit, he holds a red flower in his hand.

As far as the tiger outfit is concerned, it was introduced during the Mumbai edition. Tiger tail takes the place of the suitcase.

To unlock these two outfits, you will need sufficient keys. The clown outfit costs 15 keys. The tiger outfit is slightly more expensive and requires 25 keys.

Frank’s Features

Frank is one of the core members of Subway Surfers. He belongs to Jake’s crew. Due to his unique appearance, he is quite famous among players. You can witness his popularity on social media platforms like TikTok.

Before you unlock Frank, let’s get to know a few things about him.

  • He is known for his serious office guy look which makes him look like the perfect antagonist.
  • His character has no dialogue.
  • He seems to be a mysterious character, who has never shown his face in the game. He always wears a mask to hide his real face.
  • He is tall and has a toned figure, which makes him look like a villain.
  • Players can check out his red-eye shrinking scene in the game’s 11th episode.
  • A whistling noise starts to play when he walks through the train tracks.

So these are the main features of Frank’s character. Just so you know Jake is the main protagonist in Subway Surfers.

Subway Surfers Frank Theory

Now that you are familiar with Frank’s character, let’s talk about the theory behind his character. Based on Subway Surfers theory, Frank is a time traveler. He is believed to have traveled to the past to fulfill a mission.

Frank carries a device, featuring a specific logo that seems to be from the future. This is just one of the theories regarding his character. Other theories claim that Frank is hiding a secret behind his mask.

His bunny mask looks different from regular masks. It has cyborg eyes that appear to be a bit creepy. He can open a portal to the future and take away things from the present world.

Overall, Frank is a mysterious character. There are multiple theories regarding his character. So far, no one has seen his real face. It’s not clear why he wears a mask. It is also not clear if he will ever show his face in the future.

However, one thing is clear that Frank’s character reveal is going to be iconic if it ever happens.

Backstory Of Frank’s Character

Frank, a popular character in Subway Surfers can be selected as a playable character during gameplay. By collecting coins, you have the opportunity to unlock Frank and take control of him as you navigate the never-ending rail tracks.

Although the game itself doesn’t provide an explicit backstory for Frank, the animated series has shed some light on his past. Concealed beneath his bunny mask, Frank harbors a hidden secret and employs cutting-edge technology to achieve his objectives.

With his stern demeanor, Frank is not the typical heroic figure to admire. Rather, he personifies a character to be wary of, perhaps even a villain. 

Well, that’s all that is known about Frank’s background. Subway Surfers’ developers don’t seem to reveal much about this mysterious character.

What Is Frank’s Height?

The characters in Subway Surfers appear to share a similar height, but there are no precise measurements available to confirm this.

Frank stands out as slightly taller due to his sleek, slim-fit suit. The prominent straight ears on his rabbit mask also contribute to his perceived height.

In the animated series Subway Surfers, Frank is depicted with a tall and slender physique. Additionally, his bunny mask tapers to a sharper point at the bottom, enhancing his overall height.

Comparatively, Jake, the main protagonist of the series, appears slightly shorter in stature when placed next to Frank.

Final Words

After reading this article, we have a basic idea about Frank’s character in Subway Surfers. He is portrayed as the main antagonist in the game and has a mysterious aura around him. Frank hides his true identity behind the bunny mask. Speculation suggests that he may be affiliated with a futuristic spy agency who have traveled to the past to complete a mission. We are hopeful that someday we will get to see Frank’s real face.

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