How To Get Free Landline Phone Service For Senior Citizen In August 2022

Get Free Landline Phone Service For Senior Citizen

We all can agree on the importance of staying connected in today’s world. In this regard, many new technologies came forward with the introduction of smartphones, smartwatches, and so on.

Such mobile devices substituted the traditional means of communication like landlines. However, till today landlines are used, although at a much smaller scale. Today’s smartphones may not be always user-friendly for senior citizens.

They are used to using landlines for communication and still find it more convenient than the advanced technology phones. So the lesser-known technology of landlines today cannot just vanish as many senior citizens use and wish to use landlines for communication.

Hence, knowing the importance of communication and the use of landlines for senior citizens, the government as well as many NGOs and private companies have programs that offer free landline phone service for seniors.

If you are someone looking for free landline phone service for senior citizens, then here is a dedicated article for the same. You can check out the below options that offer free landline phones for senior citizens. 

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How To Get Free Landline Phone Service For Seniors

Before we see how to get free Landline phone service for seniors, here is a complete list of the requirements that one must fulfill in order to be eligible for the free government landline phone service. Just make sure to go through all the requirements and processes with attention.

Get Free Landline Phone Service For Senior Citizen

In most cases, the beneficiaries of government assistance programs like Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, etc. are also easily qualified for such free landline phone service for seniors programs.

If you come under the income level below 135% on the Federal Poverty Guidelines, then you are eligible for the government free landline service for seniors. Also, those families where the kids get free or reduced lunch through the federal government may qualify for free landline service as well.

Eligibility for Free landline phone service for seniors

In order to be eligible for free landline phone service for seniors, the applicant must be qualified for any of the below programs –

  • Low-Income home energy assistance program (LIHEAP)
  • Women and Infant Children (WIC)
  • Medicaid
  • Food Stamps
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (Section 8)

How to apply for free Government landline phones

You can free Government landline phones using a lifeline phone provider in your country. But this requires you to provide a few documents showing that you are eligible like the previous year’s tax returns, child support, letter proving social security benefits, payroll from the current employer, unemployment benefits, etc.

The process is very simple. Just follow the below steps –

  1. Call the Landline phone service provider in your locality.
  2. Fill in the application form
  3. Submit the required documents that are mentioned above like your proof of income, or membership of other programs.

How To Get Lifeline Assistance

You can get lifeline assistance if you qualify for it and complete the 4 steps with the preferred company to get a lifeline discount. Any person will qualify for the government lifeline assistance program if they prove their eligibility using the below –

  • A tax return or pay stub to prove your revenue is less than or equal to 135% of the state poverty level.
  • Award letter or card to prove membership of SNAP, or similar programs.

One can qualify for a government lifeline assistance program through the programs like Medicaid, SNAP, or depending on your revenue or if you are the only person in the family.

How To Prove Income

To prove that you fall under the income category of 135%, you will have to submit any of the below –

  • State or tribal tax return of the earlier year’s federal
  • Workers Unemployment’s compensation statement of benefits
  • Paycheck stub or Recent revenue statement from the employer
  • Child support award Divorce decree Or similar other documents that show income details.

How To Prove Participation

In order to prove participation in the lifeline assistance program, you will have to submit the documents which include the below-mentioned points –

  1. Name of the applicant
  2. Name of Program, like SNAP or Medicaid
  3. Date of insurance matching the benefit period
  4. Tribal or government administrator or managed care organization (MCO)

Ways to Get Free Landline Phone Service For Senior Citizens

Given below are the best ways using which you can get free Landline Phone Service For Senior Citizens. Just make sure to go through all the below-mentioned programs and see which one suits your needs the best.

Set up Landline using Google Voice

One of the best features of Google is Google Voice which also offers home phone services with call blocking, call forwarding, text messages and voice calls for free. Basically, Google Voice connects your phone number to the recipient’s phone number at free of cost.

This service also directs the home phone number to the mobile phone. All one needs to do is sign up for a Google Account and then sign up for Google Voice for free. Then read all the terms and conditions and you can search the recipient number you want to call for free.


One of the most popular free landline services is magicJack. Through this service, users can link their VoIP adapter to the PC.  You can connect the USB adapter to your phone using a cord and then use a PC as a VoIP router.


So, in order to use the phone, your PC has to be in operation all the while. Since you will not be needing any extra device like a router, this method is a very cheap way to get cell phone plans for seniors. Provider provider is known for its best and most trustworthy VIOP service which is free for senior citizens. Even the plan costs of this provider are as cheap as $19.99 for unlimited calling minutes. This service also offers to call features like Voicemail, Mail, Queuing, Call blocking, and so on.


I am sure you have heard this one many times now. But you know of the phone to phone or computer to computer skype calls. What you do not know is that Skype also offers a VOIP service that links the landline to your recipient’s phone.

You get different subscriptions like limited, unlimited, or both types of calls. Just note that the Skype plan prices might differ in various regions.

Budget Wireless

Budget Wireless is known for the flexibility in its plans and is thus helpful for most users. The most basic plan through this carrier comes with 250 minutes of talk time and 250 texts each month. One has to pay $5 for any additional minutes or texts.

The prepaid plans offered by Budget wireless can be more helpful if you think they offer fewer minutes and text messages. You do not have to pay any fees or make any contract for the plant. You get nationwide coverage. You get features like Caller ID, Call waiting as well as voicemail.

Reachout Wireless

This is the 3rd biggest carrier of the United States which is also known to offer government phones to low-income families and needy individuals. In order to be a beneficiary of this program, you are required to be compliant with the Lifeline Assistance program of the Federal Government.

Similar to most of the carriers out there, Reachout Wireless too offers 250 minutes of talk time in different cities. The residents of Oklahoma get a talk time of 350 minutes and those of California have an unlimited talk time.

Assurance Wireless

Yet another one of the best options for landline service is Assurance Wireless. This carrier is known to offer the participants a free cell phone. You also get monthly income and unlimited messages. If you are a beneficiary of programs like Medicaid or SNAP, then you will be easily accepted through Assurance Wireless.

Safelink Wireless

Last but definitely not the least. Safelink Wireless is known for its service as the largest and oldest free government cell phone company in the US. This carrier provides its cell phone service to over 2 million clients spread in 31 nations. You can easily get free landline phone service for seniors through this carrier.

Best Landline Phone Services for Seniors

Here are some of the best landline phone services for seniors citizens that you can check. All of these have their own unique features and you can pick any landline phone service according to your needs and convenience. These mentioned best home phone deals for seniors can be useful for internet or TV services as well.


You can get the Fios Digital Voice Unlimited program from Verizon with TV or internet at just $20 per month. This plan includes more than 20 calling features along with unlimited nationwide calling and to Puerto Rico and Canada.


You can opt for the AT&T Phone Unlimited North America plan which includes internet services too. The plan includes a nationwide calling in the US and to  Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Mexico,  U.S. Virgin Islands, and Northern Marianas. At $22.99 you can also get calling features like- caller ID and Call Waiting.


Xfinity Voice Unlimited plan by Xfinity is known for unlimited nationwide calling and more than 12 calling features at $29.99.


The Voice Service by Frontier is priced at $10 per month and comes with internet service too. You can get a nationwide unlimited calling through this plan in the US and to Canada and Mexico as well. The plan comes with 20 calling features.


The Cox service offers nationwide unlimited calling with 14 calling features. The plan goes by the name Voice Premier and is priced at $29.99 each month.


You can go for the Basic Home Phone Plan of Century Link which is priced at $23.34 per month and includes unlimited local calling. However, note that this program does not include any calling features.


The Spectrum Voice Package which comes at $29.99 per month is known for the unlimited calling nationwide including Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Canada, Mexico, etc. You can get more than 28 calling features through this plan.


Here are the most frequently asked questions about Landline phone services. We have tried to answer as many as we can. In case you have any more questions, make sure to ask us in the comments section below. We will get back to you soon.

Can I get a free landline?

Yes, you can get a free landline if you are eligible for government assistance programs like Temporary assistance for needy families then you can get free landline phones and services. Those who fall under the category of income less than 135% federal poverty guidelines, too are eligible to get a free landline.

How can a senior get a free phone?

Check out who the local provider is of your area on the Lifeline website and contact them. If you are eligible for the program and have income less than or equal to 135% of the federal poverty guidelines, then you can apply for the program.

Why should I keep a Landline Home Phone?

A landline phone sounds better than a cellular phone and thus it can be helpful for people who have hearing problems or for senior citizens in general. A landline phone also offers improved security. Mobile phones use GPS technology to report IP addresses in case of a 911 emergency.

However, it will not show the exact floor and flat in an apartment that is multistoried. But when a landline phone is connected to the IP address and number of the apartment, it can easily be tracked in emergencies.

What is the cheapest way to have a landline?

There are various cheap ways to get a landline like Ooma, Community phone, Suddenlink, AT&T, Cox, Optimum, and so on.

Concluding Words

Landline phones are still in demand, though on a smaller scale. But they have their own advantages and are ideal for seniors who find today’s smartphones intricate. I hope you all could easily understand the cheapest ways to get free landline phone services for seniors using the above article.

For any related queries, let us know in the comment section below. We will be glad to help you out. Also, if you are aware of any more free government landline phone services for seniors, then do not forget to mention them in the comment section below. It will certainly be helpful for others.

Keep visiting us for more such helpful articles.

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