Wondering how to Take Full Body Pictures with a Phone? Understand the Basics

How to Take Full Body Pictures with a Phone?

In the world of social media, clicking artistic images and aesthetic photos is often at the top of our priority list. Besides the staple selfies filling up the majority of our device’s storage, we seldom take full body images of ourselves, especially when it involves our smartphones.

The question comes down to one, “How does one take full-body pictures with their phone?” Although it might sound challenging (and confusing), the process isn’t as complicated as many make it out to be.

This article will dive deeper into some of the tricks and tips you can follow to take full-body pictures of yourself with your iPhone.

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What kind of Equipment Will You Need to Take Full Body Pictures with your Phone?

Take Full Body Pictures with your Phone

Before we delve deeper into the individual tips that should help you capture full body images, having a better understanding of the equipment you’d need is crucial too.

This helps you stay prepared before you set things up around you before you prepare to take the images. 

Some of these types of equipment include:

  • A smartphone with a good camera resolution
  • A tripod
  • A smartphone mount
  • A remote trigger

These are some of the basic elements you’d need to make it easier for you to capture full-body images by yourself using your phone. However, keep in mind that these individual elements aren’t mandatory to have. 

Do Mirror Selfies Count as Full Body Images?

When capturing full body image pictures using your phone, mirror selfies do count as an option. However, if you want to take the image hands-free and don’t want to include the mobile in the frame, then the mirror selfies won’t necessarily count as a full-body image.

However, if that’s not an issue, here’s how you can take a full body image using mirror selfies:

  • Start by opening your phone’s rear camera and pointing it toward the mirror.
  • Stand in front of the full-body mirror so it captures your entire figure.
  • Also, you have to keep in mind that the lighting surrounding the area should be great.
  • Focus your camera in front of the mirror and ensure that your entire frame is in focus.
  • Pose as per your comfort and capture the image.

Mirror selfies are one of the easiest ways to take a full-body image by yourself using your phone. The only thing you’d need is a full-length mirror.

Factors to Consider When Taking Full Body Pictures with your Phone

Factors to Consider When Taking Full Body Pictures with your Phone

Now that we have discussed mirror selfies and the basics about full body pictures using your phone, let us understand more about the factors you need to prioritize when it comes to taking the images.

1. Lighting

The first and probably the most obvious factor that you have to consider when it comes to taking a full-length picture is the lighting. A good picture is pretty much all about the lighting. Nothing beats natural lighting, so if you don’t have the budget for artificial lighting, we’d recommend that you prioritize clicking the images when it is day outside.

2. Angles

Another factor that you’d have to consider when it comes to taking a mirror selfie is the angle. Since we are talking about full-length images, you want to capture the image straight ahead so the entire image is captured. If the angle isn’t appealing, be assured that the image won’t be as great as you’d expect it to be.

3. Choose the right profile

Everyone has a specific profile that they find more comfortable to take pictures in. That’s what you’d have to pick first. If you think your right profile is more appealing, we’d suggest you take your shot in that phase. If you prefer your left profile, click your full-length picture focusing on that side.

4. Natural poses

There’s nothing that beats a full-length picture than having a natural pose. You don’t want to over-pose and make the image seem too overexposed. Also, don’t bend over too much or hunch your shoulders. That’s another thing that’s bound to make your image look bad in the long run.

With these basic elements out of the way, let us now move on to the technical side of things.

Understanding the Technicalities of Taking a Full-Body Image

Technicalities of Taking a Full-Body Image

Now that you have all the foundational knowledge about taking a full-body picture, let us understand the technicalities next. Having a better understanding of the technical side will help you refine the image a lot more.

1. With tripod

When you are taking a full-body picture with a tripod, one thing that’s worth prioritizing is whether you will take the image using a tripod or without a tripod. This is something we’d 100% suggest you keep a check on since it keeps your phone secure and in one place. Although it does require you to invest an additional amount, the kind of security it provides makes things a lot more simplified.

2. With no tripod

We understand that not everyone has the means to buy a separate tripod to capture full-length images. One thing you’d need to keep in mind, in that case, is having accessory support from the surrounding elements in your house to support your phone and capture the image.

However, we can’t deny the fact that capturing full-length images with no tripod is paid. You’d have to scour around the house for some household materials that you can use to rest your phone against. Some of the great items include books, water bottles, showpieces, etc.

Since you are using household items, chances are that things would be a lot more unstable, so you’d have to adjust the device from time to time to ensure that the angles are correct. Hence, we’d recommend spending a few extra bucks and getting a tripod to simplify things for yourself.

3. Tripod with a trigger remote

If you want to capture the full-length image more proficiently, especially when you are traveling, getting a tripod with a trigger remote is a much better option. It is undoubtedly the most convenient way out of the process. 

Once you have set up the tripod and angled the phone towards you, you can then go out and stand in front of the camera as per your comfort, give a relevant and comfortable pose and you are pretty much good to go. 

The best part is that you have control of your phone’s camera in your hands. So, once you are sure of the pose, angle, and position, you can click the button on the trigger remote to capture one or multiple burst shots without any hassle. For extra precaution, you can set up a timer in your phone’s camera app to simplify things further.

4. Always use the rear camera

You might feel drawn towards capturing the full-length image using the front-facing selfie camera but that’s where you will mess things up. The selfie camera isn’t the highest resolution, which means that when you capture the image using that camera, the quality won’t be as good.

Instead, using the rear camera is the way to go. The resolution is a lot better and you get access to a lot more settings, which aren’t available with the front camera. Overall, if you are considering taking a full-length image, rely on the rear camera only.

5. Choosing the right camera app

Another factor that makes a huge difference in taking a full-length body image is choosing the right camera app. The one that is available as default in the phones aren’t as comprehensive as you’d think. They do lack a few specialized features and functionalities that you’d get in the specialized and advanced camera apps.

Irrespective of which camera app you are using, one thing that’s important to pay attention to is the adjustment you’d have to make in the individual settings like lighting, exposure, etc.

Besides the camera app, you also have to prioritize getting the right editing app since that makes a huge difference in the final rendition of the full-length image that you capture.

6. Try out different angles

Furthermore, another technicality that you have to pay close attention to is the angles you take the picture from. Sometimes, for full-length images, a higher angle is considered ideal. However, if that is overpowering the surroundings and the way things are looking in the final edit, you can mess around with the angles a bit.

This allows you to check out the best angle. Sometimes, experimenting is the best way to take a beautiful full-length image. Also, when choosing the right angle for your full-body shot, avoid standing too close to the camera. That’s where people make the most mistake. 


Taking a full-body image by yourself using a phone can be a challenge if you don’t know how to go around with things. Ideally, we’d recommend that you follow the tips and technicalities that we have shared in this article. And, sometimes, it’s better to leave things up for some experimentation. Take pictures from different angles, look for the best lighting and if possible, edit them like a professional.

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