How to Play Your Favorite Online Game on Your Mobile

The gaming industry is as relevant as ever. Games are no longer just entertainment for children. Statistics show that more than 60% of smartphone owners play games. Someone plays less often, someone more often, but the fact remains that mobile gaming is popular.

Still don’t believe it? Let’s look at the world of eSports. Over the past 2 years, many esports disciplines have been replenished with notable projects explicitly designed for smartphones and other mobile devices. The most popular of them are:

  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang;
  • PUBG Mobile;
  • Free Fire;
  • Call of Duty: Mobile;
  • Clash of Clans;
  • Brawl Stars.

And this is only a part of the projects that are part of eSports. Some games were not even conceived as projects of this level, but the audience’s demand was too high.

Play Your Favorite Online Game on Your Mobile

Another weighty argument in favor of the popularity of mobile games is the increased number of PC emulators. Users want to play mobile games on their personal computers, so they increasingly use third-party programs that provide this opportunity.

Emulator – allows you to simulate the Android or iOS on your home computer or laptop, log into your account and continue to play. Some emulator options have an image quality enhancement option, which is an excellent addition to games like PUBG or Call of Duty.

How Interest in Smartphone Games Affected the Gambling Industry

The popularity of mobile devices has also reached the sphere of gambling. The last three years’ trend shows that more land-based casinos are closing and moving to an online format. Players appreciated this step because mobile casinos can offer even more than the usual halls with roulettes and slot machines: from beautiful graphics and musical accompaniment to thousands of themed slots and unique game modes in one place.

And if you like to test your luck, choose mobile casinos supported by mobile devices, such as SlotsLV.

How to Play Mobile Games on Smartphones

Playing games on your smartphone is easy. It all depends on the gamer’s operating system: Android or iOS. Each has its application store, where users can download a particular game, install it, register, and start playing.

All this takes little time: from 2 to 10 minutes. The situation becomes more complicated when downloading games that take up more than 20 gigabytes of free space, such as Genshin Impact. It will take more time to install, depending on your Internet connection speed.

We recommend using a Wi-Fi connection to download such large-scale projects for several reasons:

  1. You do not consume traffic from your mobile operator.
  2. You guarantee the download at maximum speed, which will speed it up.
  3. You guarantee yourself a stable connection to the network without interruptions.

After installation, the player can automatically start playing his favorite games over the network. Most of the projects fall into the “cross-platform” category. This means that they have no restrictions on the type of device. iPhone and Android smartphone users can play with each other without problems.

Play Mobile Games on Smartphones

Is it possible to play something other than mobile games on a smartphone? For example, do you like GTA Online or Red Dead Redemption 2 Online? Think it’s impossible? You’re mistaken.

Cloud Gaming: the Future is Here

You can play such projects on your smartphone: at home, on the bus, in class at the university (but it’s better not to do this), or on vacation. This is possible thanks to cloud gaming.

Cloud gaming is a new format in the world of games that allows you to run all AAA games and online games on your smartphone / weak PC / tablet or laptop.

Cloud Gaming

The key feature of this format of games is that the user only needs to have a stable, uninterrupted, high-speed Internet connection, and that’s it. The technology appeared back in 2002, although Amazon used it. And over 20 years of development, it has become public, like iCloud or Google Drive. The system is set up as follows:

  • there is a company that provides cloud gaming services to its users;
  • the company has its servers and a large number of capacities (PC) that can easily handle AAA projects and multiplayer online games;
  • the company has a large list of games that it can offer players (if they don’t have them);
  • the player registers on the company’s website and pays for the subscription. not always immediately because companies offer new audiences trial periods ranging from 1 day to several weeks;
  • the player opens a website or application from the company on his device and launches his favorite online game;
  • the game is launched and broadcast on the company’s servers to the user’s screen, but the user is playing. This is why a stable network connection is important to avoid delays and minimize response time

This is how technology changes reality. Now you cannot have a powerful PC with a gaming video card or a huge monitor and not worry about the relevance of PC components because you can access a vast library of mobile games and PC projects on your smartphone.

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