Top 10 Boards In Subway Surfers: Best 10 Favorite of All Time in 2023

Top 10 Boards In Subway Surfers

One of the most important things in Subway Surfers is the hoverboards. There are many different types of boards, each with unique abilities. Unless you choose the right hoverboard, it will be difficult for you to beat the obstacles.

This raises the question “Which is the best hoverboard in Subway Surfers?” Let’s find that out in the post below.

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List Of Best Subway Surfers Boards

Here is a brief rundown of the top 10 boards in Subway Surfers:

1. Monster Board

Monster Board

On the first spot, we have the monster board which is available in two different designs. The first design features a green monster color, with angry eyes on top. It is also equipped with dual exhausts. The second design boasts a simple monster green look, with no exhaust. However, you can make the board faster with the speed-up boost.

This is probably the fastest hoverboard in the game. It can be purchased for 30,000 coins. After purchasing the board, you can upgrade it using the Super Jump and Speed Up upgrades. Claiming these upgrades will make a beast of a hoverboard.

2. The Skull Fire Board

The Skull Fire Board

This hoverboard was launched during the New York release. To make it speedy, players can use the double Speed UP and Jump upgrade. However, it should be noted that players cannot use both upgrades at the same time.

The flame-designed board not only looks great, but it can also protect you from crashing, but that’s only for 30 seconds. If you crash, the board will explode, and won’t work without a recharge. You can get this board for 75,000 coins.

3. The Great White Board

The Great White Board

This hoverboard is named after its look, which resembles a great white shark. The good thing about this board is that it protects you from crashing for 30 seconds. Like any other hoverboard, it will need recharging after exploding.

Players can upgrade the board using the Smooth Drift upgrade, which costs just 60 keys. As for the hoverboard, you will have to spare about 20,000 coins. It also boasts the Speed Up upgrade for increased speed. Just so you know it’s the second speediest hoverboard in the game.

4. The Teleporter Board

The Teleporter Board

If you want the most unique-looking board in Subway Surfers, the Teleporter board is for you. Unlike other boards, it looks like a portal. The specialty of this hoverboard is that it can zap sideways, allowing players to change lanes quickly.

However, this hoverboard is not as fast as the ones listed above. Also, it doesn’t boast any upgrades. Despite all the drawbacks, this board proves to be useful in some specific situations.

5. The DareDevil Board

The DareDevil Board

If you have plenty of coins to spare, the DareDevil board could be yours. It can catapult the user at super-fast speeds. It looks like a rocket and protects players from crashing for 30 seconds. But once you crash, you will need to recharge the board to use it again.

Everything about this board is great, except the fact that it doesn’t have any upgrades. Luckily, it offers incredible speeds even without the Speed Up upgrade.

6. The Hotrod Board

The Hotrod Board

This hoverboard is popular among Subway Surfers players because of its special Speed Up capability. With this board, you can fly through the railway tracks with ease. This board was accessible for Bangkok, Mexico City, and Mumbai editions.

This is the only board that can vibe with the character while surfing. To unlock this board, you will need a staggering 280,000 coins. Besides the amazing speed, the Hotrod board looks great, especially with its exhausts and flames.

7. The Windglider

The Windglider

It requires 360,000 coins to unlock this board. It is probably the most expensive board in the game. However, the board is worth it because of its Smooth Drift ability. It appears when players ride an airplane through the tracks.

The Windglider board was launched in 2014, as a part of the Tokyo edition. Its Smooth Drift ability allows you to jump and glide downwards. It also activates the super sneakers that players will need while riding this board. With this hoverboard, you can smoothly glide over obstructions.

8. The Bouncer Board

The Bouncer Board

This board is useful for making jumps. Players can use it to jump over any obstacles in their way. Its Super Jump ability is what makes this board special.

Another great thing about this board is that it gives you access to Super Sneakers. To get this amazing board, you will need a deposit of 280,000 coins. Other than the jump upgrade, it protects you from crashing for 30 seconds.

9. The Freestyler Board

The Freestyler Board

With the Super Jump upgrade, this board is worth spending 45,000 coins. Like most other boards, it will save you from crashing for 30 seconds. If you crash, it will need time to get fully recharged.

To further improve the performance of this hoverboard, you can use the Double Jump upgrade. It can be unlocked with just 55 keys. In its original form, it has black foot straps, but the strap color changes to green and orange with the Super Jump power-up.

10. Big Kahuna Board

Big Kahuna Board

Lastly, we have the Big Kahuna hoverboard that requires 65,000 coins to unlock. It boasts an attractive design with white and orange colors. It comes with the Stay Low ability that adds side wings to the board.

When riding this board, the character looks like they are surfing the waves. Besides the Stay Low upgrade, you can also add the Smooth Drift power-up for just 55 keys. If you are looking for a fast hoverboard at a reasonable price, this could be a good choice for you.

How Many Boards Are There In Subway Surfers?

After reading about the top 10 hoverboards in Subway Surfers, you must be curious to know about the exact number of boards that are there in the game. To answer that question, Subway Surfers has a total of 156 boards. 

As you can see, every board is different and has unique abilities. While some boards are great for speed, others are best for jumping over obstacles. That said; let’s take a look into the different types of hoverboards in the game.

  • Free Hoverboards

Subway Surfers has a few free hoverboards that can be accessed without coins. These boards are mainly available for new players who have just started playing. You will get these boards when you start the game.

As you progress in the game and complete new missions, you will unlock free hoverboards. For instance, you get the Starboard when you obtain your first mystery box. All Subway Surfers players received free boards on the 8th and 9th anniversaries.

  • Limited Boards

As the name suggests, these hoverboards are available for a limited period. One of the very first limited boards was Liberty, which was launched during the New York event.

Other limited boards include Ray, Dragon, Jingles, Old Dusty, Bengal, Birdie, Ukulele, Ray, and many more. Most new boards are marked as limited. So you should try to take advantage of them as long as they last in the game.

  • Hoverboards Without Special Abilities

Most players will prefer hoverboards with abilities. But some boards lack any such abilities. For example, hoverboards like Kick-Off, Touchan, and Liberty have no abilities.

However, they do offer 30 seconds of crash protection. Other hoverboards without abilities are Pumpkin, Outback, Kitty, Rose, Dragon, Prickly, and many more. Even though they lack upgrades, they are fun to use.

  • Real Money Boards

Most boards can be accessed using coins, keys, or tokens. But few hoverboards need to be purchased using real money. There are a total of 16 such boards in Subway Surfers.

The first ever real money hoverboard was Hexed. Other similar boards are Leaf, Rocket, Bass Blaster, Jazz, Ginger, Boom, and many more. To access these boards you will have to spare real money.

  • Trail Boards

Next up, we have trail boards that leave a unique trail when surfing. Subway Surfers has 18 such boards and all of them have a different trail pattern.

Some of the popular trail boards are Jingles, Sunset, Chicky, Old Dusty, Spark Trail, and many more. These hoverboards are as good as the other boards in the game.

  • Smooth Drift

If you want smooth drift boards, you will be happy to know that there are 12 such boards available in the game. With these boards, you can glide through the tracks smoothly.

The first ever smooth drift board was the Great Whiteboard. Other options include Leaf, Boombastic, Wayfarer, Orni, Aero, Maple Leaf, and Windglider.

  • Speed Up Board

These are the most popular boards in Subway Surfers. These hoverboards are fast and can be upgraded with Super Speed and Speed Up upgrades. Plus, they provide a better field view.

Some of the top speed-up hoverboards are Chicky, DareDevil, Speeder, Rocket, and Monster.

Final Words

Hoverboards are an essential part of the Subway Surfers game. To level up your performance, you should choose the right board when playing. By choosing any of the top 10 hoverboards you can become almost untouchable.

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