Among Us Characters: Colors, Names, Height & How To Draw In August 2022

Among Us Characters

Video games have been very interesting from the beginning. On the other hand, playing games in multiplayer has been fascinating. There is a multiplayer game called Among Us.

This is also a game in which you can get entertained. In this article, we are going to talk about this game. We will also discuss things related to this game. 

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What is Among Us?

Among Us is a multiplayer online game that is addictive. In this game, players have to work together to solve problems and fresh out an imposter hiding within them.

Among Us  Characters

The game is designed to be played by many people at a single time, and that is why the characters of Among Us have to be assigned a different color.

Hindi article we are going to discuss every character that we can choose in this game and find the differences between each of them.

What is Imposter?

The imposter in this game is the one that all the other players have to exclude. You cannot identify the imposter in the game in multiplayer mode. This is the game, you have to find the Imposter hiding in between you.

What are the different Among Us characters?

In this multiplayer game maximum of 12 people can play at a time. Two differentiate between each of them the characters have been assigned their color.

This has been done because this is the easiest way that we can use to differentiate between different characters. There are 12 colors for the 12 different Among Us characters. The colors are:

  • Green 
  • Orange 
  • lime 
  • pink 
  • purple 
  • white 
  • Red 
  • Yellow 
  • Black
  • Brown 
  • Blue 
  • Cyan

All the characters get these characters including the imposter who is among the different players.

Do we see any difference between Among Us Characters?

We do not see any difference between the characters in this game. The developers have assigned different colors just to find which Among Us character is of which player. Whenever you will start the game, you have to pick the color of your avatar. 

Roles of different Among Us characters

When you will play the game, then you will understand that there are different roles available for Among Us characters that play a major role in the gameplay. The different poles are given below.


The role of an engineer can imply the vents like a pro imposter in the game. This can do wonders when another vent is interconnected with it.

Shape Shifter

This character is based on a role in Shape Shifter. This Among Us character allows the impostors to transform into crewmates so that the crewmates do not know about them.

They can change their player’s color, wearables, and even name to fit in perfectly among the other crewmates and confuse them to find the Imposter.  

Guardian Angel

Another character Guardian Angel is a character who is said to be the killed crewmember who acts as a shield to other living crewmates and protects them from being killed by the impostor in the gameplay. 


The role of a Scientist is very effective as it can make the best use of a portable Vitals monitor. The portable vital monitors do come along with a limited charge and the scientists require to charge them, which is done by performing various tasks in the game. 


There is another crewmember that is considered as the most visionary role among the Among Us characters is Ghost.

After being ejected, a ghost ought to move faster and communicate with the living crewmates in any functional way. Which helps the other crewmates to play the game effectively.


As the game begins, every player gets a fair chance to be an Imposter without considering any prior record or experience, which is a great thing. Impostor plays a major role in leading the further game ahead.

And the other members have to find the Imposter to complete the game.

These are the different types of characters that each player gets and use their power to complete the game.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here below, we have answered some of the questions regarding Among Us gameplay.

Are Among Us Characters Human?

They are humanoid creatures who do wear full-body spacesuits in the gameplay.

What are the characters called in the gameplay?

The characters are called crewmates. These are the questions regarding Among Us has been answered. 

Last words

In this article, we talked about Among Us game. The gameplay of Among Us and also, the different characters of this game.

Then we have answered some of the questions regarding this article. If you have any questions regarding Among Us game, do let us know in the comments section at the bottom. Thank you for reading this article.

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