Is UNO Cross-Platform in 2023? [PC, Mobile, Xbox, PlayStation]

Is UNO Cross-Platform? Everything You Need to Know

Card games are fun and UNO somehow manages to steal the show being on the top. It is one of those iconic games that you play around while having a family gathering or going out on a picnic. Most people are used to playing UNO with physical cards.

However, with the advent of technology, UNO is now available as a video game as well. Given that the essence of UNO lies in playing with friends and family, most players often have one question in mind, “Is UNO cross-platform?” 

If you have the same question in mind and have been looking for more answers surrounding that, we have got your back. This article will unfold all that you need to know about UNO being cross-platform and how you can make the most out of the game.

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Uncovering the Truth – Is UNO Cross-platform?

The classic game of UNO doesn’t await any introduction. If you are confused about the digital version of the game whether or not it is cross-platform, the answer is no.

As of the present update, the developers haven’t enabled cross-platform play for the game yet, which is quite disappointing because that means that you can’t play the game with your friends or family in real time.

The cross-play with players using different devices or gaming consoles are not supported as of now, which is quite disappointing. This means that you have to play the game with the online players that are selected at random. 

This is one of the main reasons why the majority of the players thus, to this day, prefer playing UNO with the standard physical cards instead of relying on the digital version, which is quite limiting with its features.

But, you can play with players online, which means that the entirety of the game isn’t computed, which is a benefit.

Why is UNO Not Cross-Platform Yet?

Now that you have the confirmation that UNO isn’t cross-platform yet, the next question that most have is regarding the reason. Why is UNO not cross-platform yet?

To be fair, there are multiple reasons why UNO isn’t cross-platform yet and if you aren’t aware of them, let us break things down for you. With how popular the concept of cross-play has become, it isn’t surprising that the majority of UNO players now want comprehensive answers regarding the game’s cross-play status.

When the question was put in front of the game’s developers, they has valid and justified reasons behind the same, so let us break them down one by one. 

  • The first reason the developers gave was regarding the gameplay. The developers wanted to offer a fair and comprehensive gameplay experience to the players, which is one of the main reasons why they didn’t introduce the crossplay functionality.
  • The second reason is that the developers have confirmed that their main intent in creating the game was to ensure that each player gets a fair chance and a lag-free experience with the game without any complications at all.

While these reasons don’t even touch the tip of the iceberg answering why UNO is still not cross-play, it has given us a better understanding of why things are the way they are. That said, the lack of cross-play functionality is just for now, meaning that things are bound to change in the future.

Is Mobile and PS4 Cross-platform for UNO?

Now, while we said that UNO isn’t cross-play yet, things are a little different when it’s between mobile and PS4. Let us break things down for you.

If you are playing UNO on your mobile and your friend is playing it on their PS4, you can play the game together. However, there is a catch. You can only do so if you have access to an application called “PlayLink.”

The PS4 version of UNO is compatible to play on the app, PlayLink. This allows you to connect the game to three smartphones and compete against one another. So, you can add three friends and play UNO digitally without any compromise. That’s how fluent everything is.

How to Play UNO Cross-Platform?

As we discussed, UNO doesn’t support cross-platform play at this point. This means that if you are using a smartphone and your friend is using Xbox One, you won’t be able to compete against them in real-time using the digital version of the game.

But, the good news is that if your friends are using the same device, it is possible to play the game together. Here’s what you need to do:

  • The gameplay and rules are the same for the digital version of UNO as well.
  • Firstly, the players are given seven cards in hand at the start of the game.
  • The remaining deck of cards is placed in the middle for everyone to draw when needed. In the beginning, you have to ensure that one card from the draw pile is facing upwards. This is a must because you need that to start the game.
  • Next, with the one card from the draw pile, you have to either match the color or the number or use bonus cards. If you don’t have any card that matches the last card, you’d have to draw one from the pile.
  • This keeps on going until one person has the last card and says UNO. The one with no cards in their hand, in the end, is declared the winner.

What’s great about UNO is that many people can play the game at a time. While four players are considered the standard, you can play the game with two players and with two players as well. It all comes down to your choice and the kind of gameplay you want to engage in.

The digital version of the game supports the four-player option, so you will be playing with three other friends or three strangers off the internet. Either way, it is a pretty fun experience to engage in.

Will UNO be Crossplay in the Future?

As we mentioned before, UNO doesn’t support cross-platform play, which means that you’d have to play with friends using the same device.

Now, these are insights from the current state of things. Will they change in the future? The answer is not clear at this point. However, we can hope that the developers will understand the growing popularity of cross-platform games and introduce the same for UNO as well.

There are rants expressed in forums and threads online depicting the need for the digital version of UNO to be cross-play. If you are one of those people that has been left wondering if it will be cross-play in the future or not, we’d recommend you wait things out for a bit. Things are bound to change or shift in the future. 


UNO’s digital version isn’t cross-platform as we have discussed in the previous section of the article. If you are sitting there wondering a way out of this predicament, we’d have to say that patience is a virtue. Since the concept of cross-platform is gaining more and more precedence in the gaming world, we can be hopeful that things will change for UNO too in the future. 

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