Topstreams Alternatives in 2023 – Top 11 Free Sports Streaming Sites

Topstreams Alternatives – Top 11 Free Sports Streaming Sites

Are you a fan of live sports streaming? If yes, chances are that you know about Topstreams and the kind of popularity the platform has. From hosting the latest football tournaments to the wrestling championships, the platform provides access to all.

However, like most third-party streaming platforms, even Topstreams come with a lot of restrictions when it comes to accessibility. If you are sitting there wondering how to ensure a top-notch sports streaming experience when you don’t have access to Topstreams, we have all the insights for you.

This article will explore the best Topstreams alternatives that offer free sports streaming services at your fingertips.

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1. First Row Sports

First Row Sports

The first and potentially the most popular sports streaming platform that we’ll personally recommend you pay attention to is First Row Sports. This is a sports tournament-centric platform that hosts all leading sporting events and tournaments you can think of.

Some of the major sports categories that you can stream on the platform are football, baseball, hockey, WWE, tennis, and even cricket. Besides getting to watch the sports events in real time, you can also follow the website for the scoreboard updates.

If you want personalized updates directly sent to your email address, you’d need to sign up and create an account on the platform. Besides that, the website is 100% free to access.

2. Stream2Watch


Next up on the list of the best free sports live-streaming platform is Stream2Watch. What’s great about this website is the simple UI and configurable user experience. Everything on the platform is free, which means that you can stream all your favorite sports tournaments for free.

Also, the platform is functional both on your PC and mobile devices, making accessibility a lot more seamless. There’s no need for you to sign up or register on the platform, which is always a positive because you can skip those steps and directly open the website to binge-watch your favorite sports events.

Stream2Watch primarily hosts links to live sports events on their website, enabling you to watch your favorite sports events without any shortcomings. The majority of the third-party website links are secure, which means that you won’t have to worry about clicking on infected links while streaming your sports events on the website.


Although a fairly underrated website, USTVGO is a well-equipped and rounded sports streaming platform that deserves a mention in this list. Many users often explore this website as a “lighter” version of Topstreams.

While it’s pretty easy to access and the website harbors all the content that your sports fanatic self would need, the website is a little less appealing with its whole appearance. Also, the sports content available on this platform is fairly limited but you do get access to cricket and hockey tournaments with ease. 

But, on the brighter side, USTVGO provides you access to 94 additional channels, where you can binge-watch all your favorite shows on the go. Besides sports, it also provides access to different entertainment channels, which is a bonus.

4. Crackstreams


If you are looking for a one-stop platform for all your sports streaming events, Crackstreams is an option we’d 100% recommend you check out. From NHL to NFL, pretty much all the leading sporting events can be streamed on the platform with ease.

One of the unique things about this platform is that it hosts CFB and XFL events too, which is a pretty rare occurrence on the free live sports streaming platforms. The only thing that you have to prioritize from your end is high-speed internet since the streaming events are all in HD resolutions. 

The only downside is that it allows users to stream a select few live sports events for you to be able to stream, which can be a bit disappointing, to begin with.

5. CBS Sports

CBS Sports

Another popular live sports streaming platform that’s worth exploring is CBS Sports. The UI of this platform is a lot similar to Topstreams, making this a good website to binge-watch all your favorite shows without any compromise.

Coming to the category of sports events and tournaments that you can watch; the list is pretty much never-ending and includes every sport that you can think of. Besides the website version, the platform also features a mobile application, making sports streaming a lot more accessible in real time.

Since CBS is an extensive network, it isn’t surprising that there is no compromise when it comes to the resolution and the quality of the streaming. It’s distinct and well-organized as well.

6. Fox Sports GO

Fox Sports Go

If you are particularly looking for a sports streaming website that hosts live events, we’d recommend you give Fox Sports GO a try. Not only is the website minimal, but it also hosts all the latest events and sports tournaments that you can potentially think of.

While the platform provides access to all the live sports streams for free, the only downside is that the quality of streams isn’t of the best quality. Also, you do need a high-speed internet connection for a buffer-free streaming experience.

Overall, Fox Sports GO is a worthy streaming platform that takes care of all your sports streaming needs but you might need to pay for the subscription of certain channels when you are watching your favorite shows on the platform.

7. CricHD

Cric HD

If the name of the website isn’t a giveaway, CricHD enables you to live stream cricket events and tournaments without any shortcomings. But, the good thing about this website is its versatility. Even though the majority of the website focuses on cricket streaming, you do get access to other sports on the platform too, which is a bonus.

Also, this is one of the few free live sports streaming platforms that host internal and external links. With the internal links, you will be redirected to a separate media player while the external links will redirect you to a third-party streaming platform.

Either way, the stream resolution, and efficiency are quite good. There are a few pop-up ads here and there but overall, we’d say that this is a worthy platform to consider exploring.

8. LiveSoccerTV


LiveSoccerTV is ideal for soccer fanatics that don’t want to miss out on the free sports streaming experience. The platform lets you watch your content for free and without any shortcomings. Although the primary emphasis of this website is on the football content, it enables you to stream other sports events in real-time, including rugby, soccer, and cricket too.

Overall, the streaming quality and the efficiency of the platform are commendable. Also, everything that you stream on the website is 100% free and there’s no need for you to set up an account to access the content streaming on the platform, which is a bonus.

9. BatManStream


As unique as the website’s name is, BatManStream is a great and worthy sports streaming platform to consider. It is a great alternative to TopStreams, especially because it offers a live-streaming experience for a variety of sports. 

Also, the streamable content on this platform is available in high definition. When you stream the content on this website, it doesn’t feel like you are streaming on a free platform. Besides direct streaming links, the platform also hosts a variety of third-party links that you can access to watch your favorite sports in real time.

The only downside to this platform is the advertisements, which pop up pretty frequently. It can affect the website’s usability and navigation. But, overall, it is a pretty great website worth exploring.

10. Sportsurge


Next up on the list of the best sports streaming platforms and alternatives to Topstreams is Sportsurge. This free streaming platform consists of all the leading sports events and tournaments that you can think of binge-watching.

The detailed calendar of the different sporting events makes it easier for you to navigate through the past, present, and future sports events and make the most out of the whole experience. Also, the content that’s available on this platform is available in HD resolution, which is another benefit.

The best thing about this streaming platform is the less number of ads. What this does is enhance the overall viewing experience, making your sports streaming experience a lot more seamless.

11. VIPBoxTV


Last but not least is VIPBoxTV, which is another popular and diverse sports streaming platform that we’d recommend you check out in real time. Besides featuring a sleek and minimal UI, the website contains everything categorized, making the events more accessible.

You do have to deal with pop-up ads when you are watching the live stream, which can feel a little disruptive, to begin with. Besides that, the overall free streaming experience is pretty great on the website.


Topstreams is hands down one of the best sports streaming platforms on the internet. That said, accessibility becomes an issue when it comes to such a streaming platform. In that case, we’d recommend that you focus on the alternatives that we have sorted in this list. 

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