How Technology Has Changed Online Casinos

How Technology Has Changed Online Casinos

Online casinos have been overpopulating the Internet in recent years. They exist in more or less every country and attract all kinds of players. Some people gamble online for fun, as they enjoy unique animated game plots and overall interactions with sites. Others come to an online casino to find a professional card table and enjoy a fair game with high winning opportunities. Overall, these sites can deliver regardless of what you are looking for.

However, how do they do it? Online casinos have only recently found such international affection. Although the technology for creating such sites was there alone, wasn’t it? However, recent technological progress has spiked the attention and social acceptance of online casinos. Recently, more people have started to trust such casinos and gamble online. Let’s see what types of technology stand behind this growing popularity.

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3D Animation

At first glance, 3D animation has little to do with gambling. However, it does have a lot to do with the overall gambling experience. Animation makes gaming, especially in simpler games like slots, a much more engaging and fun experience. You can even try it yourself in a game like the Wolf Gold Pokie online, if you will. Players usually enjoy little animations during their slots rounds, including pre-game plots, gaming transitions, and similar.

A change for smooth and realistic graphics has really played a big difference in how people perceive online casinos. Now, they appear more professional and invested in people’s pleasant experiences on the site. Current sites make significant progress compared to lobbying, grainy, and odd-looking casinos of the past. Now, they appear more cheerful, client-oriented, and trustworthy. Besides, better animation creates a higher immersive experience, encouraging clients to stay longer.


Blockchain has a lot to do with the increase in online casinos’ popularity. For instance, this technology is responsible for creating fair games at the table. This blockchain creates a random number generator (RNF) system so no player can cheat or receive an unfair advantage in the game. Hence, blockchain is the very reason people trust online casinos more these days. This is the technology to ensure a random hand and fair treatment. 

However, blockchain has one more advantage besides the RNF system. You’ve probably guessed it already. Cryptocurrency has made a revolution in the online gambling scene. Such a payment option is the best way to ensure a safe, secure, and anonymous gambling experience. Users no longer need to connect their bank accounts to untested casino sites. They can simply make deposits in digital money. Paybacks also return in the cryptocurrency of a user’s choice.

Plus, such withdrawals are even more convenient due to their simplicity and high speed. You don’t have to wait for the third party to approve and run the transaction. You also don’t pay any extra banking fees. In fact, you should take a look at this list of the best crypto slots and see how convenient these withdrawals are firsthand.

Mobile Gambling

This one has truly become the game changer when talking about online gambling. The ability to play and win money in online casinos on mobile phones has opened up a huge flow of new players. These are the people who spend their days in traffic in and out of work, people who get bored during an office meeting or just need 15 minutes of gambling experience to decompress and make some money on the side.

Mobile compatibility or even separate casino applications have become necessary in online gambling. Of course, adapting casino websites to mobile versions wasn’t the easiest of challenges, given their complexity. Yet, it was a smart solution that opened up the gambling universe to people from anywhere in the world.

Artificial Intelligence

There are limitless ways we can apply AI to our lives. Casinos, for example, often use AI to create virtual players and enhance the game’s quality and experience. Thus, you can play at the table with all AI gamers without even suspecting it. AI will ensure a fair flow of the game. Plus, unlike many real players, AI gamers will always act respectfully, be well-educated in-game rules, and play the game without delays.

Virtual Reality

As VR technology is slowly entering our homes, online casinos are testing their new highly realistic gaming experience. The one thing missing from online gambling is the overall casino experience. It’s about choosing a table to sit at, seeing the people next to you, having small talk with other visitors, observing dealers, enjoying the beautiful design and architecture around you, etc. Well, VR casinos can provide clients with all of that and more.

Although so far VR is a rather rare addition to online casinos, it is surely making its way to the top. Soon, VR sets will deliver a fully immersive experience for players who want to relax and play a few games after a long day. Thus, VR will make casinos accessible to anyone from anywhere. The progress in such technology is always exciting to observe, so this prospect has already gained a lot of promise and attention.

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