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Free Netflix Accounts And Passwords 4 August 2022 [100% Working]

free netflix accounts

Borrowing your friend’s Netflix account sounds good but do you know you can get free Netflix accounts every day? Yes, you are at the right place if you are looking for some free Netflix accounts as we have provided dozens of accounts for free for all of you.

Netflix is a top-notch platform for original content like movies and web series. It also has a lot of tv shows and movies that are available to stream or download at a high quality and amazing sound experience.

The service is definitely not free and you have to pay around Rs 800 to enjoy the premium features of Netflix.

This is quite expensive but there are various ways to get Netflix for free some of them include Netflix mod apk, Netflix cookies, and Netflix free accounts which we will be sharing with you in this post.

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What is the Netflix premium?

Netflix premium is a content streaming platform that has a lot of movies, web series, and tv shows. A lot of people from India have joined the premium family of Netflix after its official launch in India. Netflix has released some of the best shows such as The Witcher, YOU, 13 reasons why, and more.

Netflix alone has a budget of more than 15 billion US dollars, which means a lot of new series and movies are on the way and it is high time for you to get yourself a free Netflix account in case your friends deny sharing their account with you. The company has set 4 plans to choose from, each plan has its own limitations, have a look at the plans below:

Mobile Plan

Mobile Plan – is for mobile users only, you cannot use this account on a laptop or pc, it costs around Rs 199 for one month.

Basic Plan

Basic Plan – The basic plan costs around Rs 499 and can be used on PC and smartphones. It doesn’t support HD and ultra HD content.

Standard Plan

Standard Plan – This plan costs around Rs 649 and has two screens option. You can watch content in HD but not in ultra HD.

4 July 2022 Free Netflix Accounts [Daily Updated]

so now the wait is over and we are going to share lots of Netflix free accounts with all of you. here You can get a daily updated Netflix premium account for free

Today Premium Netflix Account


Account Details
Email amant@GR.com
Password Click Here To View
Screen 4 Screen
Validity 6 Month
Plan Premium
Getting Problem Report Here

Free Netflix Accounts July 2022

Here is the list of free Netflix accounts that are working in 2022. All of these accounts are original,

we request you not to change the login details of these accounts and let everyone enjoy Netflix’s premium. These accounts are purchased by us; therefore, you are not allowed to resell them.

Premium Netflix Account With Password
Username Password Validity
zeba.mullick97@gmail.com tintin123 3 Month
amol.utpat@gmail.com aeiou@123 6 Month
maria.natalia711@gmail.com alexandra 9 Month
hawkisinsane@gmail.com minidog555 12 Month
stevenskatheryn@gmail.com livefree123 1 Month
rmani.morris0@gmail.com Pasadena12 3 Month
arjona_rodriguez1994@hotmail.com international01 9 Month
arkevist@yahoo.com Incorrect12 1 Year
graphicreporter6@gmail.com @graphic 6 Month

100% Working Premium Free Netflix Account 2022

Maybe Some of our accounts won’t work but you can check your Netflix premium account from this section, here we update daily Netflix account so you can check daily and if still, you did not get an account Netflix then you can join our giveaway

100% Working Netflix Account With Password
Username Password Validity
elouis.uy6@gmail.com Elouise10 3 Month
aman.utpat@gmail.com aman@65 6 Month
samt.natalia711@gmail.com sam76y 9 Month
quitard4@gmail.com dontworry67 12 Month
pabloaustina@gmail.com freealways67 1 Month
harmani.morris0@gmail.com 56freefiret 3 Month
rustomjeey2@hotmail.com netflixshare 9 Month
avast.scanh@yahoo.com currect67 1 Year
gr56@gmail.com damaccount5 6 Month

How To Get Netflix Premium For Free

In this world where we are living getting entertained by watching web series and movies is the best option to get entertained. And when it comes to streaming services which 2 stream web series movies and much more then there is nothing comparable to Netflix.

Netflix is a video streaming service provider that streams web series and movies and by watching it we get entertained.

And for providing these services to a particular user or to all of us Netflix does charge some amount for its subscription.

in India, if you want to have a Netflix account with HD plus the quality of video streaming then you need to pay 800 rupees per month to stream videos of web series movie stand-ups, and much more.

with this premium subscription of 800 rupees, you can stream videos same time at four places. The other subscription plan of Netflix is 199 rupees which is for mobile use only with a single screen.

So in this, you can use Netflix only on your Android or iOS platform where the Netflix app is available.

As paying for Netflix every month is not a cup of tea for all of us so people who do love watching web series and movies who do not have money to take a subscription to Netflix search for a way by which they could get a free Netflix account.

If you are so searching for free Netflix accounts, then you are in the right place here in this article we are going to tell you the ways by which you can get a free Netflix account for your use so that you could enjoy watching web series and movies along with your friends and family.

How to Get a Netflix Free trial In July

The very first way to get a free Netflix account is the Netflix free trial. so basically what Netflix does is that they give a free trial to a new member who wants to join Netflix. If you are a new user and want to have a free trial of Netflix then you can get it for 28 initial days.

When you create a new Netflix account then you can get the free trial for 28 days by feeling all the details that it will require. you can get the freestyle by following the steps given below.

  • First of all, you need to install the Netflix application from the Google play store or you can download it likely the link given here.
  • Then enter into the Netflix application.
  • then click on the sign-up button which will be available in the top right corner.
  • You will see at the bottom a red button that says sign up and get 28 days free trial, click on that.

Netflix singup

  • after clicking on the sign button feel the email address and the password that you want to set for your Netflix account.
  • Now it will ask you for your card details so that after completing the free trial it will detect the money from your account for the next monthly charge.

compare plan

  • After doing all of these you will see you get a free trial of 28 days.

netflix home

  • And you are done.

After doing all these steps you will get a one-month free subscription to Netflix by using the Netflix free trial feature.

Now a question may be arising in your mind how could you save your card from being deducted after one month. so you do not need to worry about your card will not get deducted if you follow the steps given below.

When the subscription period gets over then Netflix automatically detects your money from your card for the one-month subscription. So what you need to do is that when the subscription period would be at its end, then follow these steps given below.

  • Go to the Netflix official website.

netflix home

  • Sign in to the same email as Netflix.
  • After signing in to the Netflix website, go to your account setting.

Account Settings - Netflix

  • Click on the subscription button.
  • After that on the new page click on the cancel subscription button.
  • When you are done you will not get charged when the subscription period gets over.

So, this was the way by which you can get Netflix free account by Netflix’s free trial method. This is one of the best and most secure ways by which you can get a free Netflix trial.

Get Daily Netflix Premium Cookies

The second way by which you can get Netflix free trial is the Netflix cookies method. first of all, let us know what Netflix cookies are.

Netflix cookies are nothing but basically the Cache which gets stored in our device once we assess Netflix’s premium account.

And to assess the premium account for free we just need to change those Cookies into the premium ones.

How Cookies do work is that Windows open a website on a browser then data obtained from any website is saved in our browser and this collected data of the site that we use are called browser cookies. In the normal language, the browser keeps our all data in the text file and these text files are called cookies.

There are two ways by which you can use the cookies to get a Netflix account absolutely for free. And those two methods are one for our PC and one for our smartphone. By following the steps given below you can get a free Netflix account using the Netflix cookies is on your PC.

  • First of all, on your PC you need to download the Chrome extension to use this cookie in it.
  • then click on the link given here to download the Chrome extension on your PC.


  • After doing so click on the install button by allowing all the effects that it requires.
  • The work of this Chrome extension is to allow you to copy the data automatically as this is the work of the Chrome extension.
  • By use of this Chrome extension, you will be able to bypass the Netflix account login process.
  • when the download gets finished just add that Chrome extension by assessing the downloaded extension.
  • And you are done.

So by following all the steps given below anyone can access Netflix by using Netflix cookies as mentioned above on their PC.

Netflix cookies are changing every time so for that, we will follow this same process pure and every time we have to use this method of using Cookies.

Another way by which we can access Netflix cookies is for our smartphones. Follow the steps given below to access Netflix by using Netflix cookies.

  • Click on the link given here to download and install the browser on your phone.
  • When the installation gets finished then click on the link given below.
  • Chrome browser will open in your browser and there will be an option to add and edit this cookies extension. You will have to add this extension to the browser.
  • After doing so now you have to copy Netflix cookies from here and after that, you have to click on the edit this cookies extension icon in your browser and paste the cookies there.
  • And you are done.

So, by following the steps given above you can access Netflix by using Netflix cookies in your PC and smartphone as well.

Create Netflix Account With Virtual Credit Card

You can sign up for Netflix by using a virtual credit card. You can have a fake credit card number. there are some ways in which people can get credit card numbers that are not real but are real for Netflix’s free trial.

People need to remember one thing the credit card has to be valid. during the registration of the Netflix account, the Netflix website will check the validity of the credit card.

But somehow if it does not get proof that the credit card is valid then the registration process dual will not be completed. So that is why a user cannot type random digits in the description section.

You are at the right place if you want to get a fake credit card for Netflix 2020. The streaming services like Netflix receive payment from only three types of cards MasterCard Visa and American Express. Rupay card will not be valid here. To get the virtual card number you need to follow the steps given below.

  • First of all, we need to go to wire’s website at http://wirexapp.com/
  • Then you need to click on the button named “open free account”.
  • Then you need to enter the information such as your email address your name and your password.
  • Then click on the register button

Wirex New Account

  • After doing so verify the registered account.
  • Head to “profile information” and fill it.
  • Then click on the order card button.
  • Then select the currency between the three options which will be the US dollar Euro and GBP.
  • Then click on the submit button.

Immediately you will see a virtual card number that will be made available for you which can be used to register for a free trial at Netflix.

After creating the virtual card number all you need to do is follow the step we have mentioned in the fast way by which you can get a free trial of Netflix by using your credit card. So by following the steps given above you can create a fake credit card number and use it to get Netflix free trial with the virtual card number.

Join Our Netflix Giveaway

As we know Netflix is undoubtedly the best movie streaming service that streams Amazon Web series all over the world since 2016.

It has expanded its coverage and now we can watch movies and TV shows anywhere in the world. The countries in which Netflix does not work in China Crimea North Korea and Syria

You can get a Netflix account by joining the Netflix giveaway. Here, on our website, we are sharing some Netflix accounts which you can use to watch movies and web series.

Join Our free Netflix account Giveaway

All you need to do is copy the email address from here and paste it into Netflix and copy the password and paste it into Netflix. Following are some Netflix accounts and passwords which you can use to do so.

Free Netflix For Airtel User

Yes, you read it out correctly. You can get free Netflix if you are an Airtel user. Airtel’s new plan has a free Netflix subscription worth 1500 rupees.

The Telecom major Bharti Airtel has opened the free subscription to Amazon Prime and Netflix for both mobile and broadband customers.

the postpaid customers who are on a plan of 499 and above and the tell broadband customers who are on a plan of 1099 and above can have free Netflix membership. The validity of this free membership of Netflix is of 3 months.

This means that uses on the plan priced rupees 499 rupees 649 rupees 799 rupees 1199 rupees 1999 and rupees 2999 will be able to assess this offer. they will get the three months to the base 500 Netflix plan which allows for single-screen Asus and only SD quality videos.

To get this offer you need to follow these steps which are given below. First of all, you need to open my Airtel app and tap on the Airtel Thanks banner.

Then you need to find Netflix gift worth rs 1500 on the list. Then tap on the claim button. After doing that you need to log into your Netflix account.

In case you do not have a Netflix account then you need to create a new account. And login ID and password and then click on the proceed button.

In case if you are already an active user of Netflix then you will get 1500 rupees as a creator in your Netflix account and this amount will be deducted over a period of 3 months.

And by following the steps given above you will be able to get free Netflix access to the best plan of rs 500 per month for a period of 3 months.

Here you will not have to provide any credit card details to avail of this offer. So, this is how you get free access to Netflix for 3 months if you are an Airtel user.

Share Netflix Account

This is another method by which you can get a free Netflix account. This is a very short way by which you can get a Netflix account.

Suppose if your friend is using and it clicks account then all you need to do is ask him for a Netflix login ID and password.

premium membership of rs 800 rupees of Netflix can be login to as many devices as you want. And at one time you can stream at four places. So if you have a good friend then he will or she will not say no if you ask them for their Netflix account.

Free Netflix Account Generator

Now everything is possible in the online world, there are many tools with the help of which you can easily create a premium account of NetFlix for free.

If you are looking for a Netflix account created, then we have given a link to the below Netflix account generator. You can create your account by clicking on.

Click Here To Generate

Features of Netflix Premium Account

Netflix premium account has a lot of features which makes it a complete package of movies and series streaming.

People prefer Netflix over Amazon prime due to a lot of reasons, even though both of them provide similar features but Netflix has a lot of new shows and tv series that are not available on Prime Video.

The Netflix originals are another great reason why everyone is looking for free Netflix accounts. We have penned down a list of features Netflix premium offers to its user:

Watch Movies and Series

watching movies

Netflix is a hub for all the latest movies and series. It has hundreds of movies and series available in ultra HD and HD.

You can stream your favorite movies and even download them for offline streaming.

High-Quality Streaming


The best thing about Netflix’s premium is its high-quality video streaming. It supports 4k streaming which is the best picture quality and almost every new device supports this format.

The sound quality is also amazing which will make you feel like you are watching the movie in a theatre.

You can use these free Netflix accounts on a Smart TV too, you just have to install the Netflix app on your tv and experience the amazing sound quality and picture quality.

Multiple devices

Multiple devices

Netflix premium account offers 4 screens, which means you can watch movies and series with the same account on 4 different devices simultaneously.

Download the content


You can download the content for offline streaming as well, this is a great feature as a lot of time internet speed fluctuates which causes trouble in streaming.

You can use the download feature to save the content in your device and stream it whenever you want without having to connect to the internet.

FAQ About Netflix Free Account

Here now we are going to answer some of the questions which have been asked by users like you about getting a free Netflix account.

How can I get a free Netflix account?

you can get a free Netflix account by following the steps given above. in this article, we have given six different ways by which you can get a free Netflix account. You can choose any one of them depending upon your convenience.

can I get Netflix for free in 2022?

Yes, of course, you can get Netflix for free in 2022. As this article has been written in July 2022 and you have provided some of the ways by which you can get Netflix absolutely for free. Follow any one of the above cases to get a free Netflix account.

How can I get Netflix for free without paying?

You can get Netflix for free without paying a single rupee by following any one of the major steps that have been given above in this article.

Can you use a fake credit card number for Netflix?

of course, we can use a fake credit card number for Netflix. Hindi about section, we have seen that we can create a fake credit card number and use it for Netflix. The steps for there is given above in the “create Netflix account by virtual card” section.

Can I Get Netflix for Free Forever?

of course, anyone can not get Netflix for free forever. but basically what you can do is try different ways by which you can get Netflix for free. follow the steps given above or use an email ID from our website which we will update every now and then.

If you think you will take an email id and which same account you can have a free Netflix account for forever then it is not possible. you will have to enter a new email address and new password to get a new and free Netflix account from our website.

How Can I Fet free Netflix Without a Credit card?

You can get a free Netflix account without a credit card by using a virtual credit card. all you need to do is go to the website as we have mentioned above and create a virtual credit card and use it in place of a credit card.

How can I Get Netflix for free without paying?

you can get Netflix for free without paying by taking a trial version of Netflix every month with a new credit card number and new email address.

If you do not have many numbers of credit card then you can create a virtual credit card that will work for Netflix as we have mentioned in the above section.

Wrap Up

Netflix premium is a great platform for pastimes. A lot of users are already using it to watch movies and series. You can even download the content to stream later, the content will be saved in your device storage and you will be able to access it without an internet connection.

In this article, we have shared a list of Netflix premium accounts, you can use these accounts to watch movies, series, and tv shows. You can also download the content.

These accounts will work on any device that has an internet connection and is capable of running the Netflix app or website. Please do not change the passwords and let everyone enjoy the benefits of free Netflix premium accounts. Enjoy binge-watching.

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