How To Convert Word File To PDF For Free In 2023 [100% Working]

How To Convert Word File To PDF For Free

There are a lot of instances when we are required to convert the word file format into the PDF file format. PDFs are pretty much easy to share and everyone can access pdf documents conveniently and hassle-free.

A Word document can never be converted to PDF by just changing the name of the file, but instead one has got an option of just following the guidelines below. Basically, documents can be created by just using a different app, and then convert to PDF.


There are five commonly used ways of converting word documents to pdf. Here are some of the ways of converting word documents to pdf.

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How to Convert a word document to PDF Using Word

  • If your desktop has got a version of Microsoft Word, it’s so easy to convert your word document to pdf in the Word application itself. First, you’ll have to open the word document that is to be converted to pdf by just double-clicking on it. If one has not created the document he/she has to open Word, then click on the Blank document and create the document as required before moving to the next step.
  • After opening the word document, you then click on the File tab.
  • On that backstage screen, you’ll have to select “Save As” from the list given on your left.
  • After selecting ‘’save as’’, one is given an option on where to save it, so you have to choose a suitable place where you would like your pdf to be saved. select where you would like the PDF to be saved be it the OneDrive, This PC, a particular folder or any other available place.
  • Next, the dropdown arrow on your right is clicked where it says, “Save as type” box, and from the dropdown menu you select “PDF”
  • If need be, at this time the filename can be changed then when ready, click the “Save” button.
  • After saving the PDF, you’ll be taken back to your Word document where you’ll find the new PDF which will just open automatically in your default PDF viewer. 

The second method is by using Microsoft Word In windows

  • Opening the Microsoft Word document by Double-clicking on it so as to open it in Microsoft Word. 
  • In the top-left corner of the Word window., click File which then opens a pop-out window. 
  • In the option found in the left-hand column click Export. Several new options will appear in the middle of the window. 
  • You have to click the “Create PDF/XPS” Document located in the upper-left corner of the window. 
  • Thereafter Click Create PDF/XPS which is an option that is found in the middle of the window. Doing this prompts a pop-up window. 
  • One has to select a place to save the file by selecting the save location which is found on the left side of the window. This is done by clicking on the folder in which you want to store the PDF version of your Word file. One can be able to store the PDF in the same file location as the Word file since the PDF is a different file type than the Word document. The fine name can also be changed if need be. 
  • Lastly, you click Publish, an option located on the bottom-right corner of the window. By doing this it will create a PDF copy of your Word document in your specified location. 

The third method is by using Word on Mac

  • Through this, we first have to open the Microsoft Word document or the file by double-clicking on the file icon.
  • On the upper-left corner of your Mac’s screen click “File” where a drop-down menu appears.
  • You’ll then proceed by clicking Save As whereby a new window opens. This option is found on the drop-down menu. 
  • Enter a filename. entering the file name means that one has to give the chosen file a suitable name for easier allocation. You’ll type whatever you want to name the PDF into the “Name” text box located at the top of the window. 
  • Thereafter, on the left side of the window, click on the folder where you are likely to save your PDF.
  • After completing that simple step, you then click the “File Format” text box which is at the bottom of the window where the drop-down menu will appear first. 
  • You’ll then click on the PDF option in the “Export” section of the drop-down menu whereby you’ll have to scroll down before locating it.
  • Lastly, click Export which is a blue button that is located at the bottom-right corner of the window. By doing so it’s going to save your PDF in the specified file location.

The fourth method is by using SmallPDF website

  • First of all, you have to open the SmallPDF Word-to-PDF website. 
  • Click on this URL to access the website in the computer’s web browser. 
  • In the middle of the SmallPDF page, click Choose File. By doing so it either opens a File Explorer (Windows) or a Finder (Mac) window. 
  • By going to your Word document’s location, click on the Word document so as to select it. 
  • Then open the file by clicking the open key located at the bottom-right corner of the window. Doing this uploads the Word document to SmallPDF. 

The lastly is by using Google Drive

  • First of all, open your google drive by clicking on this in the web browser in your computer which will open your Google Drive page if you’re already logged in. If not, you’ll have to click on Go to Google Drive, where you are told to enter your email address.
  • In the top- left side of the google drive window, the drop-down menu appears. here you then click on the Click + New. 
  • Thereafter you Click File upload which is in the drop-down menu. By doing this it either opens a File Explorer (Windows) or a Finder (Mac) window. 
  • You then select your Word document by clicking the Word document to select it. 
  • Then Click Open. This is located at the bottom-right corner of the window. The word file will then be uploaded to Google Drive. 
  • Once the Word has been uploaded to Google Drive, double-click the word file in Google Drive so as to open it in your browser. 
  • In the upper-left side of the window click File which prompts a drop-down menu. 
  • Then select Download as. This option is usually found in the middle of the drop-down menu. By selecting it prompts a pop-out menu. 
  • In the pop-out menu Click PDF document whereby by doing so, a PDF version of the Word file immediately downloads onto your computer. One may also have to confirm the download or select a location to save it before the file downloads. This only depends on one’s browser settings.

Converting a Word file to PDF without losing the formatting

As the inventor of the PDF file format, Adobe usually ensures that the conversion of Acrobat Word to PDF tool preserves any document formatting. When the online tool is used, fonts, images and alignment always look as expected on Windows.

One can also be able to try the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for free for seven days so as to help in converting PDF files back to Word, converting to Excel or PowerPoint, editing PDFs, merging PDFs, split PDFs and more.

How to convert your word document when you Don’t Have Microsoft Word on your PC?

There are a few options for converting a word file without the Microsoft word application installed on a PC. This task can be accomplished through the use of Google Drive. 

 A word file could be uploaded there on Google Drive. It is then converted to a Google Document and then can be converted to PDF. This will work well enough only if you have a simple, mostly text Word document that doesn’t need much formatting and also if one has got a google account.

It can also be done through a format Conversion Website that offers the conversion of Word files or documents to PDF for free. One best websites out of many options is and therefore it is recommended since it’s a safe site, works fast, and does a great job on Word documents with even a modest amount of formatting.

This site is usually free if you just need to convert a Word file into a PDF file very occasionally. Paid subscription has additional features like unlimited conversions of files, and the ability to convert more types of files formats into one another.

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