What’s happening in Vegas

What’s happening in Vegas

It is nicknamed Sin City. Las Vegas has harboured many fantasies for almost a century, but what is it really? Although online casinos, like Justuk Club non Gamstop casinos, are now dominating the global gambling scene, Las Vegas is still a gaming mecca and it’s unlikely to dislodge it anytime soon. The custom is that “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, but this article gives you the answer…

The Little Story of Vegas 

Las Vegas is a city apart in the United States whose sulphurous history began in 1931, twenty years after its official foundation, when the Hoover dam construction site began nearby and attracted many workers who had to be entertained on weekends.

In a short time, but even more after the Second World War, mafiosos and bandits took over the place. Gambling, alcohol, drugs, women, everything was at hand in the middle of a city built in the desert!

The 1970s, however, marked the end of this lawless era. Some of the hoodlums, those who had not been killed and buried in the desert, were arrested and punished as the city began to change its face.

Las Vegas has evolved little by little, becoming a sort of amusement park for adults run by a few billionaires and a few renowned brands. From Howard Hughes to Steve Wynn, from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer to Hard Rock Café, not to mention Donald Trump, Sin City has become a brand to invest in.

All vices are still allowed, flyers promoting strip clubs are almost as commonplace as cannabis commercials and, even though prostitution is illegal, those who wish to succumb will have little trouble finding an address. In some bars on Fremont Street, a covered pedestrian street that hosts the oldest casinos in the city, the waitresses walk around on rollerblades… and in their underwear.

Excess on Every Street Corner

Fremont Street fully plays on its “kitsch” image with neon lights bigger than each other and free shows all night long. In the middle of the swimming pool of the Golden Nugget, a legendary establishment in Vegas and on this famous street, there is even an aquarium with sharks.

South of Fremont Street opens the Las Vegas Boulevard, which stretches for nearly six kilometres and is bordered by countless hotels and casinos. Those erected between the 1950s and 2000s generally have a theme that characterises their name, decoration and activities. Among them are the New York-New York, with a Statue of Liberty and a roller coaster, the Paris, Las Vegas with its “miniature” Eiffel Tower 165 metres high, the Luxor, dedicated to ancient Egypt and whose casino is hidden under a huge pyramid, or the Venetian– in reference to the city of Venice – which, on its second floor, quite simply offers its visitors the opportunity to take a gondola ride. Such an extravagant and extraordinary idea!

The Venetian – with its extension, the Palazzo – has more than 8,000 rooms, a world record.

Perhaps the most well-known of Las Vegas’ resorts is the Ancient Rome-themed Caesars Palace, which opened in 1966 and whose prestige has never waned.

The Mandalay Bay, with its 4,766 rooms, is part of the new generation of hotel-casinos, like the Wynn and the Encore, which are less flashy but more luxurious. It also hides a 12,000-seat sports hall in which concerts and boxing matches are held. 

On October 1, 2017, it was the scene of the largest mass shooting in US history. Stephen Paddock, a sniper a priori, killed 58 people and injured several hundred others who came to attend a country music concert.

The Show Must Go on!

Las Vegas is also the city of shows. Formerly at the feet of the King, Elvis Presley, who sang his unofficial anthem better than anyone, it has since attracted many headliners. Celine Dion , for example, gave 1,144 concerts there between 2003 and 2019.

Cash is king but a few great free shows run several times a day at the Bellagio and the Mirage . The first is an aquatic show in the middle of the hotel’s fountain, the second brings to life the eruption of a volcano. Why not !

If you plan to visit Vegas one day, don’t imagine seeing everything and choose the places you will frequent. Even if you don’t play a penny in slot machines, each casino can keep you busy for several hours!

Room prices are quite affordable since Sin City’s goal is to make its visitors spend money, not put them to sleep. The Trump International Hotel will be ideal for those who want a quiet place – without a casino – but well located. It is undoubtedly one of the rare 5-star hotels that ordinary mortals can frequent without breaking the bank.

Strolling through the streets, we come across many idlers, a common thing with Uncle Sam. On the other hand, the express wedding chapels are typical of Vegas and are not just a legend!

Between two games of poker, Las Vegas allows its visitors to get married in a few minutes…and in front of an Elvis Presley look-alike! 

Finally, to clear your mind, get some fresh air and discover the treasures of the American West, many excursions and other walks leave from Las Vegas. Destinations include the Grand Canyon to the south and Bryce Canyon to the north. Essentials!

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