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13 Best Anonymous Chat Apps in 2023 – Talk to Strangers Online with 100% Safety

Best Anonymous Chat Apps

We have grown up hearing that we shouldn’t talk to people on the internet. However, if you are interested in taking the unconventional route and want to talk to people on the internet, there are hundreds of anonymous chat apps that can help you do that.

The beauty of anonymous chat apps is their convenience. You get to talk with people online without revealing anything about yourself. You get to network with people, socialize and meet people from across the world while keeping yourself protected and hidden.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, we’d recommend you give this a go. This article will explore some of the best anonymous chat apps online that are safe and reliable to use.

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What are the best Anonymous Chat Apps on the Internet?

When navigating through the best options for anonymous chat apps online, we wanted to keep the list diverse. We aimed to ensure that you get access to reliable and certified platforms that only allow verified users on their platform.

Following are the best anonymous chat apps we’d recommend checking out:

1. Anonymous Chat 

Anonymous Chat 

There’s nothing more straightforward than this app. Available on your Android devices, you can download the app and get started talking to strangers online. The best thing about this platform is its usability and UI. As a beginner, you shouldn’t have a hard time navigating through the app.

Coming to the users and the authenticity, you won’t have to worry about that because most (if not all) of the users are verified, which means that you shouldn’t have to stress about the authenticity. And, since the platform hosts a range of active users, you shouldn’t have to wait long to be able to talk to someone on the platform.

2. Holla


Moving ahead, the next recommendation that we loved using is Holla. The app is 100% free and available on the Google Play Store. So, it is only available for Android users at the moment. From text to video and audio-based chatting, you can indulge in just about anything your heart desires.

Holla has 30+ million users and is available in 180+ countries, which means that you get to anonymously meet and talk to people from these countries. The overall UI and UX of the platform are decent. You need to sign up and get started chatting with people.

3. MocoSpace


Although the name has a lot of resemblance to MySpace, MocoSpace is a slightly improved and refined version of the former. It is available for both Android and iOS devices, making it a lot more accessible and universal to people globally.

Besides providing you access to people online, one great feature of this website is that it comes with a variety of filters that enable you to refine your search process. You can refine the location of the user you wish to chat with and also the age and gender of the stranger you want to chat with.

4. MeetMe


Although fairly underrated, MeetMe is an anonymous chatting app we’d personally recommend you check out. It is 100% free to download and is available for both Android and iOS devices. With this app, all you have to do is download the app and get started with meeting new people online.

Not only can you chat with the other user, but you also have the option to conduct live if you don’t want to remain anonymous. The app currently has 100+ million users and is available across 200+ countries, which is mind-blowing. Overall, there are no safety concerns with the app at all.

5. Whisper


If you are looking for something a bit unconventional, we’d recommend giving this a go. Whisper is an organized chatting application where you get to meet people from across the globe but remain anonymous to protect your identity.

It’s a great tool to socialize with other people, gets to know them, and have a good time networking with people out of your common circle. The UI of this app is quite interactive and enables you to chat with multiple people at a time, which is unique. You can download the app for both Android and iOS.

6. Randochat


Are you familiar with Omegle? If yes, you potentially know that Omegle matches you with strangers based on similar interests so you can have a conversation without getting stuck in the middle. Randochat follows a similar principle. The only difference is that the users remain anonymous.

On this app, you can connect with strangers and have a conversation based on a similar topic of interest. The best thing about this app is that you don’t have to create a separate account. For ease of signing up, you can use Google or Facebook account. Overall, the app is 100% safe to use.

7. Omegle


When talking about anonymous chat apps online, Omegle is hands down one of the oldest applications available online. You might think that it uses video, so what’s the point of anonymity? Well, you can turn off the video and only enable audio to chat with people.

Besides that, Omegle is a very popular chatting platform, which means that finding users to talk to will not take you ages. Once you go to the platform, enter your choices or interests and get started talking to people online. It has a wide presence online, enabling you to polish your social skills.

8. Chatous


A lot similar to Omegle and RandoChat, Chatous also enables you to chat with strangers online but on specific topics. The platform connects you with strangers that share similar interests as yours so you aren’t bored in the middle of the conversation.

The app is 12+ and is available globally, so there are no restrictions on where you can find people to talk to. What’s great is that their manual filtering uses hashtags. So, you can click on the ones that interest you and talk to the stranger on the other side because they share a similar interest to yours.

9. Connected2.me


Available for both Android and iOS devices, Connected2.me is an underrated chatting app. It doesn’t have the same level of popularity as Omegle but you do get to talk to people who are looking for a light-hearted conversation without any complications along the way.

Although the app keeps you anonymous, keep in mind that it will use your location to connect you with random strangers on the internet. Once you open the app, it will show you a list of profiles that you can select and chat with. However, if you are confused, let the app connect you to someone at random.

10. Just Say Hi

Just Say Hi

Just like its name, Just Say Hi is a pretty fun platform that allows you to meet and chat with random strangers and has the time of your life. It is 100% free but is only available for Android devices right now, which is a big downside to this app.

Besides that, the app enables you to connect with random strangers, chat with them, form group chats with multiple users, share GIFs, etc. The interactivity on this app is fairly a lot better compared to the other anonymous chat apps we have mentioned till now.

11. ChatLive


Another popular and high-quality anonymous chatting app that we’d personally recommend you use is ChatLive. Not only can you interact with people, but it also enables you to meet random strangers every time you open the app. 

You have to set up your account but the good thing is that the app doesn’t collect any of your personal information when you are setting up the account. You can use a nickname and that’s what will be visible on the profile when you are chatting with random strangers.

12. Wakie


Although the name of this app is quite different, the features aren’t. Wakie is a comprehensive and safe anonymous chatting app we’d personally recommend you check out. You can meet new people, share your thoughts and advice, and have the time of your life.

One unique feature is that the app enables you to share secrets anonymously. You can also read other people’s secrets and have a great time online. Besides that, it also supports free voice and video chatting feature too. It is for people above the age of 12.

13. Rave


Last on the list is Rave, which is another popular anonymous chatting app. You do need to create an account on this platform. But, unlike the other chatting apps, this enables you to watch shows and movies on YouTube or Netflix in real time. So, you can Netflix and chill with strangers using this app.

Coming to the usability of this app, it’s convenient, 100% safe, and keeps you anonymous at all times. It won’t access any of your personal information, so that’s a huge relief too. Besides the basic features, the app supports a public chatroom feature, where you get to talk to multiple people at a time, almost like a fun group chat.

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