20+ Best Free Music Download Websites In 2023 [100% Working & Legal]

Best Free Music Download Websites

Music has been a mode freshener for all of us since the beginning. We all love to listen to music songs. There is a variety of genres of music also. We all love different kinds of music.

Some people love to listen to music while traveling, some people love to dance to it. There are a lot of platforms available on which we can stream music.

Best Free Music Download Websites

But, what if we want to download the music or song. Here, in this article, we are going to read about different ways by which we can download music. 

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Best free music download websites on PC and Mac

The best music downloading platforms has been listed below one by one.



It is an incredible platform for people who love to listen to music. It was launched in 2007 and does have communities of large musicians, artists, bands, podcasts, and singers.

You can use this platform to upload your creation and also to download music from other artists. Search on the search bar, for the song, artist, or podcast. Not all the songs are available for free to download. But, there are some songs that you can download.

For that, you need to go to the Facebook page of the artist or band and press the like button on the page. After that, you can download the song. It lets you easily find free downloads. It needs to log in to steam and download the music. 



This is a website from which you can download music for free. All you need to do is trade certain information through social media, and then you will be able to download the songs for free.

There are millions of songs that are available for free to download with different genres available. You can choose from different categories and genres of the songs/music.

If you wish to download the music, you have to submit your email address. The backlog is that people get frustrated with the ads on every corner of the screen. 



This is another website where we can download free music. This website is similar to the websites which offer free music to download.

You can shortlist the music by a button called, ‘sort by’ in which you get options of trends, latest, moods, genre, inspiring, top trending, silly and more filters. Also, the search bar given is very unique and easy. You can also sort by filters like hip hop, pop, indie, rock, instrumental, and more.

It does offer free and paid music. When you will download the music, all of them will get listed together. When you want to download the music, all you need to do is subscribe to the artist’s page. 



There is another website from which we can download free music. And that website is called Jamendo. It does have a collection of more than 5 lakhs songs, all of these songs have been uploaded by numerous music creators. It does have different playlists for the uses of different creators.

It does come with a built-in radio feature, which you can use to listen to your favorite radio stations. There is an application on this website, which is called Jamendo in-store Radio.

The drawback of this website is that you do not get high-quality music on this website. Overall, you can use this website to download your favorite music for free.



On this website, there is a unique way to download your favorite music. If you wish to download music on this website, all you need to do is pick a song, and then type zero (0) in the payment box to download the song.

There is a page called, ‘Discover Page’ in which you can get new content from different categories like best-selling music, featuring songs, new arrivals, highly recommended songs, and more.

It does have a subscription plan too. You can choose from free and paid plans. Some songs are available to download only on a paid plan.



Unlike other websites, this website offers a user a huge collection of hip-hop mixtapes. The user interface of this website is very friendly, in which you can navigate easily.

To download the song you need to register on this website. But, if you wish to download the entire album, you can download it without any account. You can even stream the music, without downloading it.

The website has no ads for the interruption while playing the music. You do get a bulk downloading feature. 



If you are a rap music lover, then you should try DatPiff. If you love the hip-hop genre in music, then this is the ultimate stoppage for you.

This platform is completely free to use and also you get to have the application of this website on different platforms like the Android Play store, apple app store, and also at Windows Store. 

You will find some of the hottest and most popular mixtapes from different rappers like DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne, Drake, Eminem, Big Sean, and Wiz Khalifa on this platform.

This doe not require any user account. You can try this website or application to listen to your favorite rap hand hip-hop. The drawback is that it offers limited music to download.

Byclick Downloader

Byclick Downloader

Another website that offers a large collection of millions of songs is non-other than ByClick Downloader. On this search engine, you can easily download any kind and version of music absolutely for free.

You can also download any music from YouTube on this website, all you need to do is copy the link of the video and paste it here. You cannot download the video but you can download the MP3 format of the video. You can give this website a try.



This website is just like NoiseTrade, on which any creator can put their music and share their creation. You can stream any of the music and also you can download them.

On this platform, you can vote on the music that you like the most, which will give the creator extra exposure. This will motivate them to post more music and their creation. 

Indie Shuffle

Indie Shuffle

A great option for those who wish to get to know more independent musicians of India and love to listen to Indian music, Indie Shuffle is an amazing platform to explore.

You can download any music absolutely for free on this website. There is an option of finding your favorite music using the filters and going through different genres like hip-hop, indie pop, Hindi music, classical music, instrumental music, and more.

All you need to do is go to this website and download the song by clicking on it. 

These were the different websites and platforms from where you can download the music or song absolutely for free. You can go for any one of them.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here below, we have answered some of the frequently asked questions regarding downloading the music and songs. Read each of them to understand more.

Can we download music for free?

Yes, we can download music on any of the websites mentioned above. Follow the way given on each platform. 

Do we need to pay to download music?

On some platforms, we need to pay to download. But, there are many platforms on which music is available absolutely for free as mentioned in the above section. 

Do the creators get the benefit?

Yes, if you are a creator you can get the benefit. All you need to do is upload the music and share it. When your music or song gets downloaded by many users, then it goes to the popular list. And the platform shares it with the users.

These were the different questions. If you do have one, put it in the comments section.

Last words

In this article, we saw the different websites and platforms on which we can download music absolutely for free. Each of the platforms has been discussed in detail.

After that, we answered some of the questions regarding this article. If you have any questions or queries regarding this article, do let us know in the comments section. We will answer it as soon as possible,

thank you for reading this article.

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