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Top 10 Xmovies8 Alternatives

Movies and TV shows are hands down one of the best sources of entertainment for people. They are fun, engaging, and interactive. But, are you one of those people that don’t like spending their money on movies? If yes, chances are that you rely on free movie streaming websites like Xmovies8.

Xmovies8 is one of the most popular movie streaming platforms at this moment. However, it is a pirated movie streaming website, like hundreds of others available on the internet. This means that the website is always at risk of being de-platformed. 

If you don’t want to lose your source of entertainment if Xmovies8 gets banned, knowing about some of the best alternatives should take care of your entertainment needs for good. This article will explore all the best Xmovies8 alternatives that we think are worth considering.

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What are the best Xmovies8 Alternatives?

With so many different online movie streaming platforms available, it isn’t surprising that Xmovies8 has somehow managed to graze its position at the top. However, with how unstable everything is on the internet, you never know when the website gets restricted or banned.

If you want to stay prepared for the worst, the following are the best Xmovies8 alternatives we’d recommend checking out.

1. GOmovies


The first and potentially one of the best alternatives is GOmovies. The content library and database of both these platforms are pretty much the same. So, if you can’t access Xmovies8 but want a similar website like it, we’d recommend checking this one out. What’s great about this website is the fact that it has organized all the content on the platform into individual sections.

So, if you have a particular movie in mind that you wish to watch, you can easily find them on the website using the search option. The website is 100% free and safe to use. You don’t have to sign up or register, which means there’s no need to share personal details on the platform. The only downside to this website is the host of intrusive ads that pop up on the platform.

2. VexMovies


Next up on the list is VexMovies. This is another free movie streaming platform that hosts pirated movie content. It has a lot of similarities with Xmovies8 in terms of the type of content available and also the UI and setup of the website. Every movie that’s uploaded to this website is in HD, which is again a pretty great benefit.

Besides some of the old classic movies, the website also hosts a variety of the latest releases and trending movies and TV shows that people are suddenly looking to watch. It is a stream-only platform, which means that you can’t download any of the content from this website. One unique feature of this website is that it enables you to filter out the content based on ratings and reviews.

3. 123Movies


When talking about the best Xmovies8 alternatives, 123Movies deserves special mention. The website has been around for quite a few years now, which means that you won’t have to question its reliability. The platform is 100% free but it isn’t ad-free, which means you have to be careful while navigating through the website.

The best thing about using 123Movies is that it enables you to stream a movie or TV show of your choice without needing to download it. You can watch the show in real time and have the best time of your life. It is a website-only platform, which means that you won’t get access to an app for this.

4. Movie4K


Next up on the list of the best Xmovies8 alternatives is Movie4K. This is another popular yet free movie streaming platform that enables you to watch your favorite content without any complaints. The best part about using this website is the convenience. The UI is straightforward but minimal at the same time.

If you are particular about easy navigation through a movie streaming platform, Movie4K is a website that doesn’t disappoint. The database consists of 60,000+ movies and TV shows in HD resolution. You can stream the content on the platform but it doesn’t support downloading. For the users who are concerned about the updates, they happen every week, which is always a bonus.

5. PutLocker


When talking about free movie streaming and downloading websites, PutLocker is one of those options that never disappoint. The quality of content on this platform is diverse and pretty engaging. However, like most of the other streaming platforms, even PutLocker sources its content from unauthorized third-party sources.

If there’s a particular movie that you’d like to watch, PutLocker enables you to send in a request too. This is a pretty unique feature that you won’t find in any of the other movie streaming platforms. The effective media player lets you stream the content directly from the website, saving you the hassle of downloading and watching movies. The media player lacks some important playback controls, which is a downside.

6. Vidics


Another working alternative for Xmovies8 that’s worth checking out is Vidics. The website is quite underrated but the content and quality of the videos make up for the same. You get access to hundreds and thousands of movies and TV shows that you can seamlessly stream for free.

But, that’s not where things stop. Vidics is known for hosting some of the best quality content when it comes to the latest and classic movies. Everything on this platform is categorized into individual categories, making the search process a lot easier and hassle-free. You also get a complete breakdown of all the details about the movie, including the cast, ratings, reviews, etc., which is always a boon too.

7. Fmovies


While we are on the top of popular alternatives for Xmovies8, we had to include Fmovies in the list. This one is a pioneer when it comes to free movie streaming websites. Not only has the website been around for quite some time now, but it is also one of those few websites that offers a highly curated library of movies and TV shows that you won’t regret binge-watching.

What’s great about Fmovies is the convenience. The website enables you to find content based on country, language, IMDb rating, etc., which you will find to be quite beneficial. Not just that, the website also has a custom search bar with these preconceived filters, which make it way easier for you to find the movie you wish to watch.

8. MegaShare


Another worthy Xmovies8 alternative that deserves a special mention in the list is MegaShare. This one has been around for quite some time now and enables you to stream your movie of choice for 100% free. The overall UI of this website is quite simple, minimal, and clean, making navigation a lot simpler.

Besides bright thumbnails and categories on the left, the website has a segregated search bar right on the top-right corner of the website, which makes using the website quite fun. If there’s a particular movie you’d like to watch, all you need to do is look it up and get started with it.

9. YesMovies


When it comes to free movie streaming platforms, YesMovies is an option that you can’t brush to the side. Available with multiple mirror and proxy websites, YesMovies is notorious for releasing the latest movies before or right after their official release, which isn’t something you’d get on the other alternatives.

Besides movies, YesMovies also hosts a variety of TV shows and web series that are exclusive to the leading streaming platforms that we know of. The quality of the content is top-notch and some are even available in 4K. Furthermore, you can also upload SRT files to the website to add subtitles to the movies that you want the audience to have an in-depth understanding of.

Overall, the website is 100% free and doesn’t require any kind of registration or sign-up, which is always a benefit.

10. CMoviesHD


Last on the list of the best Xmovies8 alternatives we’d like to discuss is CMoviesHD. One thing about this website that sets it apart from the rest is the layout. Unlike most of the other alternatives, this one is a visual website, meaning that you get a lot of thumbnails right when you open the homepage of the website.

Coming to the content library, CMoviesHD hosts a variety of movies and TV shows that you can binge-watch from the start till the end. Since it is a free website, you don’t have to worry about paying anything to access the content on this website. Also, not only can you find movies with subtitles, but the platform also enables you to access dubbed movies, if that’s something you are more comfortable watching.

CMoviesHD is lot superior compared to all the other Xmovies8 alternatives that we have shared in this article. The only thing we’d personally recommend is to have high-speed internet since it is a stream-only platform.

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