The Technology That has Improved Slot Games

The Technology That has Improved Slot Games

Gamers are living in one of the best times they have ever had when it comes to gaming. The technology game developers have access to now is the best it has ever been. And what is even more exciting is that technology keeps getting better.

And at the same time, consumers have more device options, cheaper access to games, and of course, data plans and Wi-Fi!

There are a lot of things that have impacted the gaming industry, and within that industry are some of the most popular games and game types of all time. Slots, poker, sports games, and MMORPGs are some of the most played games in the world.

Slots, in particular, have had some of the most innovative technology poured into them to give games an experience like no other. But what tech has revolutionized slots?

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Perhaps the most obvious and visibly impactful technology that slots have benefitted from is the rise of the mobile phone. We are a far cry from how mobile phones started off – as large devices that could be used for calling.

Now, we live in an age where businesses are run from a smartphone. There are millions of apps, almost global wifi/data capabilities, and an increase in mobile phones that are designed for gaming.

Slots and mobile gaming go hand in hand because slots are short games with no time in demand, and mobile phones are the perfect way to play!


For those who are old enough to remember games like Pong, or the original Snake, you’ll be the first to understand just how much gaming graphics have been improved.

Unless you want to play a retro-themed eight or 16-bit game with blocky graphics and chiptune – you can explore a lot of incredible games.

Game developers have some of the most advanced building environments, and with access to remote talents for the artwork – it is no wonder the graphics on slots like the Eye of Horus slot on eye of horus slot are so rich.

The gaming experience is vastly improved when the graphics are beautiful.


Artificial Intelligence is seeping into all areas of life, and in some cases, it makes the experience more enjoyable. AI and slots work perfectly because it allows for an adjustable difficulty level based on the player’s skills.

And while we know that slots are a luck-based game, many players could opt for even more of a challenge.

Another area that AI is making a great impact when it comes to slots is that it can make the game more personal based on the play style. So, for example, AI can collect information on the play style and present more interesting options.


When was the last time you opened your favourite gaming website or mobile app and had to wait more than just a few seconds to be playing? Unless you are playing a game that usually has server queues, the chances are you can’t remember.

It is that speed and ease of access that has made a huge impact on slot players. We know slot players belong to the hyper-casual gaming category and won’ typically play for hours on end – but rather in short bursts.

So, the ability to access the game, play for a short while, and then put their mobile bag in their pocket or bag has been significantly impactful.

It is not just the immediate access, though; when you travel, if you want to play your favourite slot, you will likely have the data plan to accommodate that.

Game developers have access to build environments now that enable them to use the lightest coding language to facilitate the high-speed load that gamers really want.


One thing that is on the increase and will likely make even more of an impact in the future is cryptocurrency. When cryptocurrency like Bitcoin was first released, many retailers accepted it. Then over time, that was diminished, but there is an opportunity that online casinos are taking, and that is building cryptocurrency as a payment method into their websites.

Cryptocurrency offers the players anonymity (however, you still need to adhere to all ID requirements from the casino and your state or country).

Crypto offers a faster, smoother, and more secure payment option for players, and we are likely to see more online casinos accepting Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other well-known cryptocurrencies.

Along with cryptocurrency, there has been an increase in the usage and exploration of blockchain. Blockchain offers some interesting opportunities with secure and transparent gaming environments. And, while it is experimental, blockchain could be used to do things like support the RNG in keeping slots fair.

Slots are some of the most diverse and theme-centric game options that exist, and they will continue to benefit from all of the technological advances – thanks to casino companies always investing in new tech.

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