Most Helpful Apps for Students

Most Helpful Apps for Students

A few decades ago, the learning process at school, college, or university was much more difficult. Of course, teachers make more and more stringent requirements for students every year, programs become more complicated, and children and teenagers are busier and busier in after-school clubs and start to think earlier about which of their activities will distinguish them from other students who want to enter that same college as they are. However, thanks to the development of modern technology, many learning processes are becoming easier, many applications designed specifically for students make studying more comfortable, preparing for exams more efficient, and doing homework and memorizing new material an enjoyable and not burdensome experience. Let’s look at the most interesting and useful applications that students most often use.

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1. Apps to use during the lectures

A few years ago, those students who did not want to miss a single interesting fact that teachers told at lectures had to spend the entire lecture making notes in notebooks, developing abbreviations, and then deciphering their handwriting before exams because when you are in a hurry, it is difficult to write clearly. Another option was to buy a voice recorder so that I could then take good notes. However, now you do not need to learn to write as quickly as the teacher says or spend extra money on buying an additional device. It is enough to install one of the most popular and most convenient applications for you. For example, it could be SoundNote or Notes Plus, thanks to which you can save an entire lecture in visual and audio form. If you need to take a photo, then thanks to Office Lens take a photo of a whiteboard, convert it to a format convenient for you (PDF, Word, or PowerPoint file), and store all the data on your phone, being able to repeat everything when it suits you.

2.Apps to use for planning your activities

Time management and the ability to properly allocate your time is the key to ensuring that you will not have problems during your studies and that you will not forget about any agreements, meetings, rescheduled lectures, or homework that needs to be done. Some of the most popular planner apps among students are Timetable (for Android) and Class Timetable (for iOS). And those students who decided not to install these applications for themselves and relied on their memory very often have to use the services of such services as, for example, Their services will guarantee that even though you forgot about the essay and the deadline, which is, let’s say, the day after tomorrow, you will still get quality work for reasonable money and within the time frame you need. As it always nice to have some backup plan you can also consider the services given by speedypaper helper.

3. Apps to use for revision

It is not enough just to write down the material, it is also necessary to repeat it to correctly complete homework based on the learned material. That is why many developers come up with and improve previously created applications, making the process of repeating the material covered not as necessary and tedious as it used to be when you read your abstract several dozen times.

With applications like StudyBlue, you will be able to create flashcard sets for related revisions. You can also make your flashcards and test yourself. Or you can try GoConqr where you can create not only flashcards but also revision charts, mind maps, notes, and quizzes. It also allows you to connect and collaborate with your friends, classmates, or even students from other universities around the world.

4. Apps to use for video calls

The use of video calls during training is another consequence of Covid-19. In the past, we mainly used apps like Skype and FaceTime to chat with friends or call our parents if you’re away from school and can’t go back home every holiday. Now, when many lectures are held online, applications for video calls have become almost indispensable. The developers are also making these applications suitable for more than just computers and laptops. Not only can they be used conveniently on your phone or tablet, and always be in touch. Other popular video calling apps include Google Meets and imo.

5. Apps to use to stay healthy

As with any person, it is very important for students to stay healthy and keep fit. After all, if you are tired, exhausted, eat irregularly or only unhealthy food, or drink little water, it will be very difficult for you to carry out your usual daily activities, and even more so to study well. There are a lot of applications that will help you to keep fit, to elaborate a healthy diet, plan your shopping list accordingly, not forget to drink water, and elaborate healthy sleeping habits. Some of the best are NikeTraining, Fitbit, RunKeeper, MealBoard, and many others. Just check them and choose the best for you.

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