Many people all around the world use Avast. Avast is a free antivirus that is for our PC. Many of the people all around the world have reported it as a threat to their laptops as they found it suspicious. When Avast came in the market it was free and due to this feature, it has gone beyond the expectation.

It detects the out-of-date software the network issues weak passwords viruses and malware all for free. Also in 2016 company called AVG came into the market which is also free for its uses. It does also have a browser protection feature.

Is Avast Safe or Not

Many people race question “Avast safe or not?” Well for all of the users we have used this free version of antivirus and have shared our point of view regarding it. Here, we will give the full review and features of Avast. Also, we are going to tell you is Avast safe or not? Continue reading this post to know about it.

What is Avast antivirus?

Avast antivirus is free antivirus available for all kinds of PC like Windows Mac iOS and it is also available for android smartphones. You will be amazed to know that Avast antivirus has more than 400 million users all around the world and it is growing day by day.

The user interface of Avast for PC as well as for smartphones is very interesting and user-friendly. It does protect your PC and Android device from harmful Malware, viruses, threats, and many more.

The free version of this antivirus does have some certain limitations and the paid version is also good with some extra features. If you are using a PC or an Android smartphone then you may have heard about this. But you may have the question “Is Avast safe or not?” Well, here we have answered.

Features of free and premium Avast.

Here below we have mentioned the features of both free and premium edition of Avast. After reading this you will be able to differentiate between both editions and decide which is good for your PC or Android device.

Features of free Avast.

Here we are going to discuss the features that we get in the free version of Avast.  The free version of a vast automatically detects the viruses and other Malware that are on your computer and removes them permanently. Many other free antiviruses show but Avast does this on a large scale. It detects the viruses and malware that other free antivirus cannot detect.

Removing viruses and other Malware.

The free version of a vast automatically detects the viruses and other Malware that are on your computer and removes them permanently. Many other free antiviruses show but Avast does this on a large scale. It detects the viruses and malware that other free antivirus cannot detect.

Secure password

Every antivirus gives us the security that it protects our password. But most of them are paid. Here, in Avast we get this feature absolutely for free.  We can secure our password with the help of a fast as it does tells us that how much password is strong. It does also protects our password from any cyber-attack.

Scans Wi-Fi weakness

With the use of Avast, we can scan the Wi-Fi security weakness that we have at our home. The meaning of free antivirus does not give this feature. Today the help of a vast we can protect our Wi-Fi security also.


The protection that we get on the free version of Avast is very high. And it protects our PC Android device every second. Normally free Wi-Fi does not have this feature. But with Avast free antivirus we can protect devices for every second. This makes Avast safe to use for all of its users around the globe. The protection level is normal in the free version.

Free VPN access

Avast antivirus offers free VPN service to all the users of them. VPN is Virtual Private Network which means it does changes your IP address to somewhere else. Other free antivirus does not give you this feature. 

These are the features that we get for free on Avast antivirus.

Features of Paid Avast antivirus

Those pictures that have been discussed in the free section are given in the paid version also. But in the paid version we get extra features and also all the features that have been discussed in the free version are more accomplished. The extra features that we get on page Avast antivirus are given below.

Blocking webcam spying

Many of the websites that we visit spy on us using a webcam. With the use of Avast premium antivirus, we get secure about webcam spying. So we do not need to worry about it.

Blocking phishing emails

Many emails target audiences all around the world who wants to Phish many of the people. But with the use of Avast premium antivirus, we get protected from it as it does blocks all the phishing emails. This is one of the reasons that Avast is safe to use.

Advanced firewall

There is an advanced firewall in Avast premium antivirus which blocks all the hackers to hack any of the things that belong to you on your PC or Android device. 

Safely running suspicious apps

Many of the suspicious apps do once many of the permission of our laptop which may be dangerous for our security. But with the use of Avast premium antivirus, we can run any suspicious app safely.

Not open fake sites

Many of the websites All around The world do want to mug us. And it is why we need protection so that we could not get mugged. This premium antivirus does not open that fake website. Whenever you want to visit that website then it will warn you and will not let you to that website.

Cleaning up & Protection

In the paid version we can also clean up our storage sense of a vast and the suspicious websites that we have visited by mistake. The protection level in the paid version of Avast antivirus is advanced. Which is the free version is simple.

These are the features that we get when we use the premium version of Avast antivirus.

Is Avast good for web browsing?

We should know that Avast antivirus provides security in real-time when we use a browser. The service provided by this anti-virus is excellent in security and privacy concerns. With the help of the pro version of Avast, we get protection over other browsers like Chrome and more.

All we need to do is Grant the permission to access the browser so that it could provide security to it. When you use the free version of a browser, then you should use the browser in Avast itself, not in the other because it does not provide security to the other browsers in the free version. So, we must say that Avast antivirus is safe for web browsing. 

Do we get protection against online attacks with Avast?

protection against online attacks with Avast

Avast does have a firewall but in the premium version, not in the free version. So, in the premium version only it will protect you against the attack from hackers. We would recommend you to upgrade the first to premium to have a protection against online attacks.

In the premium version, we get a feature with the help of which it blocks fake shopping websites and that is why our money gets saved because there are a lot of websites that do Phishing. Avast is safe for protection but only in the premium version.

How does it give privacy and security?

They are meaning free antivirus but Everest is considered to be the safest antivirus when it comes to free antivirus which gives privacy and security. Earlier when you use Avast free version they use to collect your browsing history, but now in the free and the paid version to they do not do so.

The password protection in the premium version of Avast is excellent. When it comes to privacy a was premium blocks the webcam spying and also blocks phishing emails as discussed above. Avast can be considered to be e safe for your privacy and security.

Do we get self-protection in Avast anti-virus?

self-protection in Avast

Yes, in this antivirus we get excellent protection against any of the viruses and malware in real-time. You should know that this is regularly gets updated so that it could be aware of new threats. In the free version of Avast antivirus, we get a normal level of protection against thread but in the premium edition, you will get protection from all kinds of threads.

So, if you are a heavy user of a PC, then we would recommend you go with the premium edition of Avast antivirus. Because the premium version of Avast antivirus is fully protected from any of the threats that are available on the web.

Does it have a smart scan?

avast smart scan

Yes, in this antivirus there is a button in the middle of the Everest home screen by clicking on which we get to run a smart scan. The scanning looks for browser threads, Malware attack, and other loopholes in the security. It does notify you in a second about all the threads and loopholes in the security and tells you to take a step.

We have work with this anti-virus. We took a full scan from this antivirus and it took about half an hour to do so. There is a boot-time scan in the third option of scanning with the help of which we eliminate all the Malware which does not gets cleared in the normal scanning. So, we can say that it does provide a smart scan and which is very good for all the users. So, we can say that Avast is safe.

Is Avast safe or Not?

It is safe to use Avast as an anti-virus. Whether it is a free form of Avast or the paid form of Avast, it is safe to use. We can say that it is safe, as we have discussed in the above section.

But, if you are a heavy user, then we would recommend you to use the paid version of Avast anti-virus. We can consider using the Free version of Avast, as any other free anti-virus does not have this much feature. It is absolutely safe to use Avast anti-virus.


So, as we started with the question that is Avast safe? We have concluded that the answer to this question is yes it is safe when we use this antivirus. It is not that much saved when we use the free version but with the premium version of this antivirus, we are protected.

And the premium version is safe to use. As the free version has some limitations we would not recommend you use the free version. But, if you are not using any of the antiviruses then you can go with the free version also.

This is is our concern about this antivirus that Everest is safe for our PC. If you have any questions or queries related to this then do let us know in the comments section that is at the bottom.