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11+ Best Free YouTube Alternatives in August 2022 [Updated List]

So here we are going to talk about YouTube and its alternatives. YouTube is the first online content with going website where we can watch and put our videos. as we know YouTube was started in 2004 and it is one of the biggest online video content streaming websites. But besides YouTube, there are other platforms that can be used as an alternative to YouTube.

YouTube plays worldwide, anyone can have their own YouTube channel and we can put their video on it. You can stream web series also on YouTube as they have their own original shows.

Different Indian YouTube channels like The screen Patti, The viral Fever, BB ki Vines, Ashish Churchland Vines, and much more are the most loving channels on YouTube in India.

YouTube has different categories like music websites news education and much more which helps every one to get entertained or educated.

YouTube doesn’t have a premium subscription in which you can pay for taking a one-month subscription to YouTube and before it, YouTube does give you 3 months free YouTube premium. In YouTube premium you can play music and close the screen will also the audio will be playing.

11 Best Alternatives to YouTube

Here below we have discussed 11 + alternatives that can be used in place of YouTube. One of them has been discussed in detail.



This website focuses more on video delete a user is streaming and provides very less distracting elements in the background. Vimeo is not competing with YouTube but it is one of the good streaming alternatives to YouTube.

The video on this platform is of high quality. The user interface of Vimeo is very user-friendly and quite attracts people. You do not get distracting elements on this website and at the same time, you can finish the entire video.

If you are a content creator on Vimeo then there is a limit that you can upload only 500 MB every week. Which is not affected what YouTube creates. Overall you can use me as an alternative to YouTube.



Twitch is another Free alternative to YouTube. It was started out as a concept but quickly became a favorite place for viewers and content creators. This website is mostly focusing on gaming videos and nothing else. You can see the live broadcasting of any game from anywhere.

The popularity of this is not that much but this is the best platform where a content creator who creates gaming videos can live stream their game or can put videos here. This website is very impressive in attracting gamers and content creators. This website is great for watching live gaming videos. On this website, you cannot rebind the videos.



Metacafe is another Free YouTube Alternative. Metacafe is a very basic video platform that is even older than our Youtube. It hosts a huge number of videos, which are all up to 90 seconds long and are of low quality compared to other platforms.

However, Metacafe does ensure that there are no duplicate videos on Metacafe. It is a great platform for people looking for funny videos, product reviews, or quick videos. Just like Youtube, Metacafe also categorizes videos into entertainment, sports, video games, movies, news and TV, and many more.

One can subscribe to channels or view different playlists, too. Metacafe is one of the largest video-sharing sites, with 2 million visitors a month on average. There is a reward system called Producer Reward Program that allows you to get revenue from your videos.



Dailymotion is another One of the youtube competitors. It is a popular video-sharing service that can offer you a great user experience even compared to YouTube Dailymotion has a clean and simple video player.

Overall, it shows how much work the pro developers have put into the Dailymotion UI. The home page of Dailymotion shows trending videos, categories, and a search bar, which allows the user to search for a particular video or particular channel. There are several characteristics of Dailymotion that a user can find interesting. Better video quality with less quantity on Dailymotion.

Apparently, YouTube is really good at making a heavy loss in video quality. Dailymotion proves to give viewers a version of each video that is closer to the source. However, Dailymotion is far from competing with the thousands of videos that are uploaded to YouTube per day. Dailymotion is known to be the Best Youtube Replacement.



Crackle is one Of the Best YouTube alternatives. Crackle is Sony’s online streaming service, which is a free streaming service. That means you do not have to pay for it to take it as a subscription. They play ads in between to get the money. you absolutely can’t beat free but with a solid selection of content, it can serve as a great replacement or supplement to other streaming services like Netflix.

We know that ads are annoying but they are not the flossing thing in the world and they could save you about $10 a month which is quite good. They do analyze your search history and watch history and then comment on the shows and movies accordingly.

TED talks


TED Talks is a leading video streaming website. This is another alternative to Youtube or Replacement to Youtube. It features more than 3,000 talk videos. Some of the talk videos are funny, while others are emotional too. It covers a vast amount of topics, such as technology, business, design, science, global issues, and many more. S

Ted talk videos are meant to explain how your brain works, while others are there mainly for entertainment purposes. The one constant thing with all the TED Talks videos is that you are likely to take something memorable out of each video. Videos that appear on the menu of Ted Talks are tagged with an easy-to-see red circle if they are shorter than six minutes. Overall this is a great alternative to YouTube.



Veoh is one of the best Youtube Alternatives. It is an internet TV company that boasts millions of videos on the platform in which most of which are professionally produced. It features a wide range of TV content, including full episodes and clips from shows including NCIS, Two and a Half Men, The Price Is Right, and The Young and the Restless. As a creator, one good thing is there is no upper limit on the length of video you can upload.

This is good for those people who have comprehensive videos and aren’t able to curtail them. It also has videos from classic series, such as Family Ties, Melrose Place, the original Beverly Hills 90210, and many more serials.

On Veoh, you can also listen to your favorite music as it does have a wide range of music for streaming. Not only that you can also watch full-length movies on Veoh, as it does have a wide range of full-length movies also.



This is another alternative to YouTube. Just like the name, PeerTube is a peer-to-peer-based video-sharing platform. PeerTube is a free, decentralized, and federated video platform developed as an alternative to other platforms that centralize our data.

Instead of using one server like YouTube and many other video websites, PeerTube gives freedom to its users to host their own server which is called an instance. Every instance contains a user and their videos and they can connect to one another. You are free to upload any kind of video on this platform without worrying about being banned by uploading it.

The only drawback of PeerTube is its relatively young age, making the video library not as rich as its established competitors in this field. Overall this is a great alternative to YouTube.

the internet archive


The Internet Archive is one of the Youtube Alternatives. Anyone can get any e movies or TV shows on this website. Basically, it is a store where we can find older movies and serials absolutely for free, as it is clear from the name of itself. Just like the name, it’s a website that stores old and classic movies, documentaries, TV series, and other kinds of videos.

The user interface of this website is quite good and is user-friendly. I, myself like this website too much as it does have a collection of old movies and TV shows. Overall it is another alternative to YouTube on which we can find our old movie serials.



Dtube is another Free alternative to YouTube. Dtube is relatively new but it is very similar to youtube in appearance and interface. DTube is a decentralized platform where the uploads are hosted on blockchains. DTube is the best alternative to YouTube in terms of security and content freedom. There are no censorship issues and the user’s data is distributed across various blockchain servers.

Also, DTube is neatly arranged and the reason you must check this out is the business strategy that they use. They reward in the form of STEEM cryptocurrency to people who post videos. DTube interface is very simple with a quick login section and buttons to upload videos. You can either upload videos from your storage or transfer the videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, or Vimeo.

The DTube is relatively new so you may not see a large content variety. As time passes you can expect it to be more popular with popular creators making it their creative place. Overall it is a great alternative to YouTube.


M Go

M-Go was formed in 2012 and is a unique streaming service that allows us to stream our favorite content from different platforms with no additional subscription charges. M-Go shuns the subscription model in favor of the “pay as you go” model, where you are charged based on your consumption of service. You need not enter payment details to browse the content here.

Also, the trailers are absolutely free to watch. Credit card information is required only when you decide to rent a movie to watch it. However, not all movies can be rented, some movies, especially the newer entries, can only be purchased.

The company claims you can refund anything you don’t like to watch. We will recommend you to give it a shot and use it. You’ll have access to movies and shows that aren’t available on mainstream streaming services.

Final Words

Well, above we have seen eleven different YouTube Alternatives that can be used by all of us. All the different alternatives To Youtube have their different features so you could not compare two of them with each other.

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