14 MethStreams Alternatives in 2023 – The Ultimate Free Sports Streaming Sites

MethStreams Alternatives – The Ultimate Free Sports Streaming Sites

If you love watching live sports tournaments, you likely know about MethStreams and the kind of popularity the platform garnered. From NBA to NFL, almost all the global and leading sports tournaments were available for free streaming on this platform.

However, with good accessibility come challenges. Despite the kind of name the platform established for itself, MethStreams was taken down eventually, which means that your favorite sports streaming experience is now not a click away.

To ensure that your sports streaming experience isn’t hampered, we have sorted out the best MethStreams alternatives that you can consider exploring.

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1. Crackstreams


One of the best MethStreams alternatives worth looking into is Crackstreams. From NBA to NFL and MMA to boxing, the list of streams is diverse and something that you won’t have to ever worry about. You can watch live sports events in some of the best resolutions, including 720p, 1080p, and 4K too.

What’s great about this streaming platform is easy access to the streaming links. Also, the preferred languages can be set on the website, further streamlining the user experience. Furthermore, if ads aren’t your thing, the website comes with preinstalled ad blockers to keep those out.

2. Sportsurge


Coming in on the second position, we have Sportsurge. The website is hands down one of the best streaming providers that host a wide category of content, including football, Olympic events, boxing, tennis, and almost every leading sports event that you can think of.

Every sports tournament that’s updated on the platform comes with comprehensive details about the show, the team’s name, logistics, timings, weather report, and everything you need to know. Also, the new streams are updated daily, so you aren’t missing out on any live sports events.

3. Buffstream


The website is a subsidized version of Crackstreams, so the content is quite diverse. You can pretty much stream all of your favorite sports events and live sports tournaments in real time. Since the website is created by an expert team of developers, accessibility should never be a concern for you.

As for the different categories of sports events, you can stream different national and international tournaments, including NFL, UFC, NHL, etc. The streaming experience of this platform is beyond anyone’s realm of expectations, so that’s a plus. The streaming resolution is in HD, so ensure that you are connected to high-speed internet.

4. First Row Sports

First Row Sports

Another free live sports streaming platform that we’d recommend you look into is First Row Sports. The reason we wanted to include this as a MethStreams alternative is all thanks to the layout and interactivity. From WWE to tennis and even football, you can find a lot of amazing live sports events to stream in real time.

Ideal for passionate sports enthusiasts, the platform is comprehensive and all the leading categories are embedded into the website, making accessibility a lot easier. You can click on the relevant website, find the sports streaming link of your choice and watch the stream without any buffering.

5. myp2p


Although fairly underrated, myp2p is another MethStreams alternative that deserves special mention. The website is primarily subjected to a seamless live streaming experience, enabling you to watch all your favorite sports matches and leagues in real time.

Featuring a simple user interface and a variety of categories, the website streamlines your sports streaming experience without any complications. You can find a variety of sports to stream and almost all the streaming links are tested and cross-checked to ensure they are operational. 

Some of the live-streaming events come with multiple streaming links, which further make the whole live-streaming experience a walk in the park.

6. Feed2All


If you are looking for MethStreams alternatives but exclusively focused on football, Feed2All is the platform you need to look into. The website is primarily focused on football live streaming but you can also find other sports to stream in real-time.

The website has a lot of similarities to First Row Sports, so if you enjoy streaming sports tournaments on that website, Feed2All should be a great option to explore as well. Overall, the website’s layout and user interface are simple to navigate through, meaning that it shouldn’t take you a lot of time to find working links that you can stream for your perusal.

7. BatManStream


As unique as the website’s name is, BatManStream is a website that doesn’t disappoint. It is a free sports streaming platform that provides access to a variety of sports, including the underrated ones like handball, equestrian, fencing, etc. 

The website is a hit or miss among people. You might find it difficult to find desirable sports streaming links, especially when it involves normal sports like cricket, football, or hockey. Some of the flash stream links that are available on the website don’t work as effortlessly, so that’s another downside you have to work through.

8. Streameast


Although the main focus of StreamEast is on sports streaming, the platform has different avenues which allow users to stream different types of content in real-time. You can streamline your sports video streaming experience in no time at all. 

The best part about using this website is the accessibility. You can stream different events from the comfort of your home. Be it a national sports event or an international one, almost all of them are available on this platform, which is always a benefit. The website also comes with a variety of DVRs, which allows you to record the event so you can watch it later.

9. Strikeout


When talking about the MethStreams alternative, Strikeout is a platform that deserves special mention. This is one of those platforms that are considered one of the fastest-growing sports streaming websites. But, the best part about this website is the diversity of content you get to stream.

From leading NFL to NHL tournaments, you can get access to them all without any compromise. The different categories of sports are assorted on the website’s homepage. All you have to do is click on it to find the available live-streaming links.

10. Cricfree


Although the website’s name indicates that it potentially targeted cricket fans, that aren’t the case in reality. Crickfree is one of the best alternative websites for MethStreams, thanks to the similar content library and UI.

Since the platform is 100% free, it means that you’d have to compromise with the pop-up ads, which can be a little irritating, to begin with. Overall, the website stands out with its wide range of features and easy streaming options. 

11. NFLBite


For the NFL fanatics that are looking for a legit streaming platform, NFLBite is an option that’s worth looking into. You can stream pretty much all the NFL tournaments in one place, thanks to this website. 

As for the streaming quality and experience, everything is aggregated and highly optimized, meaning that you won’t have to compromise on the streaming experience at all. Besides the streaming links, the platform also keeps you posted with all the relevant schedules, news, and live scores as well.

12. LiveonSat


Besides being a functional MethStreams alternative, LiveOnSat is also a great platform where you can catch up on all the live telecast matches of different sports categories without any compromise. 

The streaming quality is quite profound and it is accessible across all the leading European countries, so that’s another benefit. From the Netherlands to Portugal, almost everywhere this streaming website is operational. Besides football, the website hosts a variety of other sports tournaments as well.

13. Fox Sports

Fox Sports

If you are looking for a live sports streaming website that hosts pretty much all the different sports categories and events, Fox Sports is the one. From NFL to NBA and even tennis, you can find pretty much all the favorite live-streaming options of your choice.

Also, another upside to this website is the accessibility. Not only does it offer a web version, but the platform is optimized for your mobile devices too. It also works on Amazon Firestick and Apple TV, further streamlining usability.

14. BossCast


While we are on the topic of free sports streaming platforms, BossCast deserves special mention. The exceptional streaming quality of this website is what sets it apart from the remaining streaming platforms.

Besides being a great MethStreams alternative, BossCast is also 100% free, so you won’t have to worry about paying anything to access the streaming links. There are a variety of sports channels available on the website, which makes it easier for you to scroll through and stream the tournament or event of your choice.


MethStreams is a pretty great and free sports streaming platform that people have loved using for years. However, since the website isn’t available anymore, looking into the alternatives is your best choice. We have sorted out some of the best picks in this list and all of them are operational and free to use.

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