Best Dish Network Packages for Existing Customers in August 2022

Best Dish Network Packages for Existing Customers

In this article, we will be sharing with you all the Best Dish Network Packages for Existing Customers. The existing DISH TV Customers would already know that DISH Network has decided to improve their services by making some changes in their services and deals from 2022.

Best Dish Network Packages for Existing Customers

Hence, to help you out, there we have added all the necessary information regarding DISH TV Network and DISH TV packages, and more. The below information can be helpful for both existing as well as new users. So what are you still waiting for? Go ahead and read it all!

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Best Dish Network Packages for Existing Customers

The best dish Network’s current deal would be for the new customers who can watch more than 190 channels at just $59.99 per month. They can get additional offers if they have promotional codes. With the code CARD100, one can get a free Prepaid Gift Card from VISA for $100 or code EXCLUSIVE12 to see 12 Free Movies to Pay-Per-View on DISH.

DISH TV Network Deals

DISH TV is one of the most well known services as they do not charge any hidden costs. You will have to pay exactly what your monthly plan says. With the DISH TV Subscription, you get a lot of free services which are as follows –

  • 2 Year Price Guarantee
  • $100 Prepaid Reward Card from VISA
  • Netflix Integration
  • HD for all popular channels, Free for Life
  • Free installation by professionals and no charges for installing or setup
  • A movie pack from DISH and More than 30 channels of premium quality like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz and so on.
  • Some other free services include – Free Voice Remote, Free Smart HD DVR with Hopper Duo, Free Home Mini form Google.

DISH TV Network and TV Technology

The TV Technology Dish TV uses is of satellite to make it work like a cable TV through which you can not only watch TV channels and programs but also use phone calling and internet facilities. DISH TV Network has a wide coverage and hence can be accessed by people living in the remotest areas. However, a lot depends on the satellite too.

DISH TV Packages

DISH TV Network offers a huge number of packages as well as promotions to the customers either individually or collectively. There are also various discounts and promotional codes available at times that can be used to save a lot of money. You can always upgrade or downgrade your service plans by customizing the DISH TV Packages.

Core DISH TV Packages

The best part about DISH Network is that the users cannot modify their package unless they add premium channels to their package. All the users are given a wide range of channels through the conservative setup. The packages are adjusted according to the length of the subscription and the credibility of the viewers.

America’s Top 120 Plus Package 

America’s Top 120 Plus Package is the most basic DISH TV Package. This package includes a total of 190 channels of different types and also the latest channels depending on the interests of the customer. You can get this basic package at just $69.99 per month with the below mentioned some channels –

  • Entertainment – Nickelodeon, Spike, CMT, MTV, El, Destination America, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central and Syfy.
  • News – CNBC, Russia Today, CNN, Fox, C-SPAN, free Speech TV, NewsMax, WGN.
  • Movies – Disney Hallmark, Lifetime, TV Land, USA, IFC, FX, Reelz, GetTV, Velocity, Freeform, AMC.
  • Sports – Pass of NBA League, Big Ten, ESPN, NHL Center Ice, MLB Extra Innings, Fox Sports.
  • Education – NASA, Discovery, Destination America Food Network, History, Garden and Home, TLC, ARTs, Travel Channel.

America’s Top 200 Plus Package 

This package involves some more channels than the basic package of DISH TV. At the price of $79.99 per month, you will get all the basic package channels along with the below additional channels –

  • Entertainment – BET, Disney Jr, Boomerang, Discovery Family, Viceland, Game Show Network, Teen Nick, Disney XD, Oxygen.
  • News – Mysteries, Esquire, Hallmark Movies, Bravo, Sundance.
  • Sports – CBS Sports Network, NFL Network.
  • Education – National Geographic, FYI, Cooking Channel and, Investigation Discovery.

America’s Top 250 Plus Package 

As the name suggests, this package includes a lot of channels including international and national channels along with the basic package. All these channels can be watched at $89.99 per month and include the below additional channels apart from the basic package –

  • Entertainment – Country of Great American, Chiller, VH1 Classic, channel of American Heroes, Fusion.
  • Education – Smithsonian Channel, RFD-TV, National Geographic Wild, Z Living.
  • Movie – The Movie Channel, MoviePlex, and channel of Fox Movie with the channels in the Encore package.
  • News – The Blaze and Bloomberg Television.
  • Sports – Ride TV, Fox Sports 2, Bein Sport, SEC Network, and Tennis Channel.

Packages for Free Premium Channels

One of the offers DISH TV Network is running is on free Premium channels where you can get free premium channels for 3 months. You can use this promotional offer and save a huge deal. The below is the brief description of the free premium channels offered.

  • Encore – $6 per month
  • 4 channels of Epix – $7 per month
  • 20 channels of DISH Movie Pack – $10 per month
  • 6 channels of Cinemax – $10 per month
  • 8 channels of Starz – $10 per month
  • 9 channels of HBO – $15 per month
  • 9 channels of Showtime – $15 per month

Dish Sports channels Packages 

If you are a sports fan, here is a good news for you. The DISH Network Sports package offers additional sports channels apart from the basic America’s Top packages. The Sports package can be described as below –

  • Outdoor Sports Channels – $4 per month
  • multiple sports 41 additional sports channels – $13 per month
  • Willow Cricket HD Sports Package – $14.99 per month
  • FOX Rugby/Soccer Plus –  $15 per month
  • NHL Center Ice for nearly 40 exclusive games per week – $49.99 per season
  • Pass of NBA league for nearly 40 games live per week – $49 per season
  • Racetrack Television Network for 80 feeds of global horse races live – $50 per month
  • Extra innings of MLB for 100 exclusive MLB games –  $165 per season

Lifestyle channels Packages 

Even if you do not subscribe to the top two Core Packages that we had mentioned above, users can still get a few lifestyle channels through a few packages. You are given a huge number of options to choose for Lifestyle channels. You can go for the Blaze package which is priced at just $5 per month or the Heartland Lifestyle package with 10 channels for $6 a month.

International TV channels Packages from Dish Network

DISH TV also offers International TV Channels in the core packages. Such international channels are organized by the language or region and hence can be easily found. The pricing depends on the selection of channel. Users are allowed to change the channels according to their needs. There are more than 270 international channels in over 28 languages offered by DISH TV Network.


DISH TV now following the trend, offers Hopper 3/Hopper Duo SMART HD DVR so as to optimize the services offered. According to their policy, users can get DVRs in over 6 rooms. Using this service, users can Record up to 16 shows at a time and are given a recording space of 2 TB.

Other features of this service include – Free Voice remote, Free Smart HD DVR support, 6 channel tuner, app compatibility, Video controls with instant reply Parental controls Recording scheduler. By paying $10 more in a promotional offer users can get this DVR. So, if you use the Core 120+ channels Package, then you will be required to pay  $69.99 a month.

Dish Anywhere Apps for Online use

Nowadays, with the advanced technology, it is possible to access DISH network anywhere on a smartphone, tablet or a computer device through the Anywhere Apps. You can also record your favorite programs on such app and get the titles too. That is not just it. Users can also take the advantage of live streaming through the app. Plus, you can always access the DVR using this app and manage it from anywhere.

Dish Network Phone Service

You will be surprised to know that you can also get phone service from DISH TV Network. This is due to the satellite technology this network uses. You can opt for any of the below plans according to your needs –

  1. Basic Phone plan – $10 per month
  2. National Phone plan – $20 per month

Note that both of these plans will cost an additional $0.05 per minute for long distance calls. Apart from these affordable prices, you also get many exclusive features with DISH Phone service like – Caller ID, voicemail with email,  3-way calling, ID blocking, Anonymous call rejection, etc.

Dish Network High Speed Internet Plans

With the help of the Satellite technology, DISH TV Network also offers High speed internet service along with channel streaming and phone calling services. The data might not be as fast as other options in the market but it does offer consistency.

  1. Good DSL Internet – Priced at $49.99 per month with 12 Mbps speed for 2 years
  2. Better DSL Internet – Priced at $59.99 per month with 40 Mbps speed for 2 years


1. Does Dish have any deals for existing customers?

Dish TV removes their deals and discounts for their existing customers after 2 years of service. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t avail of discounts as an existing customer. What we’d recommend you do is directly contact customer support if you want to avail a better offer and then negotiate your options for the best deal.

2. What is the cheapest dish package for existing customers?

If you are based out of the United States and have been looking for the cheapest Dish TV package, it is their FLEX package, which costs $47.99 a month for 50+ channels. The most cost-effective option is America’s Everything Pack, which costs $127.99 a month for 290+ channels.

3. Does Dish have a senior discount?

One of the best things about Dish that makes it a public favorite is its deals and offers. If you are above the age of 55 and want to avail of special discounts with Dish TV, they offer some exclusive discounts that you might qualify for. You’d have to directly contact them to avail those discounts since they aren’t normally available.

4. Does DISH have a loyalty department?

If you either want to get a better package or renegotiate your pricing plans, contacting Dish TV directly should sort out the issue. What we’d recommend you do is call them at 1 (855) 318-0572, and ask them to cancel your connection. They should escalate your call to their loyalty department where you can discuss things further.

5. What is the best package for Dish Network?

If we had to pick one package that outdoes every other package, we’d recommend looking into America’s Top 200 (TV plan) and Frontier Fiber Gig (internet plan). It’s an amazing family fan and covers every category of cable channel you can potentially think of.

Concluding Words

That was it all about Best Dish Network Packages for Existing Customers in 2021. I hope you have all found the article of use and could pick the best DISH TV Packages for yourself. In case you have any questions to ask us, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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