If you are looking to purchase a new computer, MacBook is one of the best choices available these days. Apple continues to take an innovative approach and offer its customers something other companies cannot. 

MacBooks are a prime example of computers that offer so much. Of course, the reliability, features, regular updates, and other benefits come at a certain price. Compared to desktop computers and other laptops, Macs are quite expensive. However, more often than not, the price is worth it.

Common Mac Issues and Methods To Troubleshoot Them

With that said, you should not expect the MacBook to perform flawlessly. They are no different from other computers in the sense that sooner or later, there will be performance issues.

It helps if you create a proper maintenance routine and stick to it, but some issues are more or less inevitable.

Fortunately, common problems are not that difficult to overcome, even if you are not that tech-savvy. Let’s take a look at what potential performance problems Mac owners can expect and how they can deal with them.



Overheating should not be present if you have a new model. The issue manifests after a while once the hardware becomes old and there is too much dust inside the laptop. Speaking of which, one of the key things to take from this is that you need to clean the dust inside the laptop regularly. Doing so will reduce the MacBook’s temperature and give fewer problems to the internal computers, which means not as much loud noise while using the computer.

A cooling pad and decent room ventilation should also be one of the priorities when dealing with a MacBook’s overheating. Investing money in a cooling pad and a fan or AC for your room should not be too much trouble.

Lag in Video Games

MacBooks are not an ideal choice for playing video games, but running some titles after recent hardware improvements should not be out of the question. Of course, you should not expect to have a great time playing AAA games on Ultra settings. MacBooks are not consoles or desktop computers, and they are not optimized for gaming.

Regardless, if you encounter performance problems while trying to play games that do not require a lot of resources, try tinkering with in-game settings. Reducing graphics quality should help.

In case the issue persists, scan the system for potential malware and viruses and remove corrupted files. Freeing up drive space and sticking to the windowed mode rather than the full-screen mode could be a potential solution as well. 

Poor Battery

Having to charge a laptop’s battery all often is quite annoying. The question to ask is what led to the issue since there should not have been problems with the battery when you purchased the computer.

Some people leave the charger plugged in overnight and overcharge the battery. Running too many background applications simultaneously and enabling visual effects could also be part of the problem.

Finally, instead of putting the MacBook into sleeping mode, you should shut it down when you no longer need to use the computer.

Dealing with these instances should improve the MacBook’s battery lifespan. You will find it more enjoyable to use the computer when you do not have to constantly charge it.

Lackluster Wi-Fi

As a MacBook user, you are unlikely to use an ethernet cable even though it offers a better overall internet connection. Wireless connection has come a long way, but there are still some issues now and then that people experience. Moreover, these issues are not necessarily the result of mismanagement from the ISP side of things.

If you are set on using Wi-Fi, make sure that there are no third-party peripherals jamming the signal. Your microwave or a wireless printer could be the problem, and you might need to relocate them or use the MacBook away from these devices.

Sometimes, a simple computer restart is enough to solve internet problems. Disconnecting and reconnecting to your network is worth a shout as well. Finally, if accessing certain websites is not possible, try a virtual private network and see whether it can solve some of the issues.

Screen Flickers

A flickering screen can snowball out of control. What starts as a couple of flickers in a day can turn into frequent flickering and leave you with an unusable computer. Restarting the MacBook is a temporary solution, and it is better not to rely on it too much.

Usually, the incompatibility between the GPU and the operating system version causes flickering. If you noticed the issue after downloading and installing a new macOS version, you might need to switch back to a prior version and wait for a hotfix. 

Sound Issues 

Overall, sound issues on a Mac are not common. According to this source, it is mostly individual applications rather than the problems with the MacBook’s hardware.

Nevertheless, it is still recommended to keep tabs on the overall health of the MacBook’s system. Also, keep in mind that you can tinker with sound settings and see whether that solves some potential issues.